Steyn: Last Laughs in Europe

“…As the years go by, I like to write about what matters. And in this last seven days, the Mohammed cartoons and the “refugee” tide now engulfing Europe both matter more than “POPE CAME TO THE USA”. His Holiness in fact has chosen not to matter, even as European politicians take decisions that will guarantee “Christendom” will be non-Christian. There is something shallow and decadent about a pontiff who prioritizes “climate change” even as every last Christian is driven from the Archeparchy of Mosul. What will they say of such a pope? That he fiddled with the thermostat while Rome burned?”

  • Dana Garcia

    Very good speech, except in 49 minutes, Steyn could not bother to recommend ending Muslim immigration. He spoke brave words at the end about how we must live as free people, but that becomes harder when the enemy has been welcomed by the thousands inside the gates of the West. And Steyn has written at length about demographics. Odd.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect the Pope has a streak of realism in him yet. Can’t save the sinking ship in the mideast, no point to try. Likewise western Europe. And because he doesn’t particularly care about Catholics outside of South America, Central America, Africa and parts of Asia the only reason at all to come to the US was to make overtly political speeches. Let’s not forget this is the Pope the College of Cardinals selected, he was their pick.