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I’m declaring this Alison Moyet Week… All Cried Out

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    The eminently shaggable Alf.

  • ontario john

    I’m so glad the NDP and Lieberals are pushing for more money for the CBC. On the National the CBC tackled the issue of agriculture in the election. And who was the interview with you may ask? Why an organic farmer from Chile. Yes, I know that when I am sitting down with my farmer friends this morning at the coffee shop, the first thing we always bring up is what would an organic farmer from Chile think about farming in Canada. Thankyou CBC.

  • ontario john

    In the most disgusting example of media bias in this election, CTV News this morning as an interview with the president of MADD in which the president blames Harper for the tragic deaths of children and grandfather in the drunk driving accident near Toronto. Yes, its Harper’s fault those children died. Apparently Harper is not tough enough on drunk driving. And of course we have Blue Rodeo being flaunted on the news with their new anti-Harper song because Harper has made cut backs in CBC funding. HARPER IS EVIL! Only socialism and islam can save us.

    • MADD long ago became a “prohibitionist” partisan political action group, they can’t be taken seriously.