Operating with Impunity – Muslim Extremism in Mississauga

Accommodation is Cowardice

Community Balance is Capitulation

Tolerance of the Intolerant is Complicity

The City of Mississauga is well known for being a centre of extremism and intolerance in Canada. Among many other embarrassments, it has the doubtful honour of being the home to a federally registered charity that was de-listed for funding terrorism (ISNA Development Fund 2013). It also had a Member of Parliament who has openly called for Sharia Law in Canada.

  • JoKeR
  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    That guy who wants to set his sharia law over here should be deported , no mercy for people who doesn’t deserve to in this country.

  • Gary

    ISNA, Palestine house and a local Mississauga Mosque were all tied to the Toronto-18 MUSLIM terrorists that were BORN here and yet had such a love for allah they wanted to murder us.

    The 9 Wealthy White Liberal SCOC Judges will find it too late to wake -up and smell the quran when a Niqab clad suicide-bomber gets into the Scoc – from the fear of racism to stop them- and then go Jihad and turn these quasi-gods into rice pudding.

    Human Rights were meant for Humans , plus the Charter was not intended to be a suicide-pact with a death-cult that gets into Canada .