CAR violence leaves 36 dead, forces 27,400 to flee since Saturday

500 prisoners escaped from Bangui’s main jail; violence began after taxi driver killed in Muslim neighborhood

A wave of violence gripping the Central African Republic has killed nearly 40 people and forced close to 30,000 to flee their homes in a matter of days, the United Nations said Tuesday.

“We fear that the violence that we’re seeing in Bangui is a return to the dark days of late 2013 and 2014, when thousands were killed and tens of thousands had to flee their homes,” UN refugee agency spokesman Leo Dobbs told reporters.

  • African

    As it appears a Christian Taxi driver was murdered in a neighborhood in Bangui
    where UN soldiers are protecting the few thousand muslims who still remain in Bangui
    and this islamic killing has triggered a huge reaction from Anti-Balaka Christian militia
    in the city. This shows that the heroic people of CAR will not stand idle in the face of UN-protected islamic jihadist aggression in their country. May God give them victory over the evil of the Arab/UN/Western-backed islamic jihadists in their country.

  • P_F

    In other words get ready to receive another flood of refugees.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Last month’s genocide was so much more organized. The kids these days have no respect for tradition.