Alberta: Media ignores loss of 1000+ oil and gas jobs each week under NDP #elxn42

Unemployment continues to rise in Alberta. On average, about 1000 jobs per week in oil and gas and related industries are being lost.

  • Alain

    First we need to recognise that there is no such thing as the Alberta media. There is however a monopoly based in the East that I call the media party. Being such they are not interested in reporting anything that gives their politics the lie.

  • Frances

    Actually, there’s a fair bit in the MSM about the big job cuts. What they don’t report on are the companies who are stretching the cuts over a longer period of time, so there’s no critical number in a given week to make the news.

    And what they REALLY REALLY don’t report on is how this affects small businesses. The major oil companies are cutting back to basics, so any expenditure perceived to be non-essential is gone; too bad for the small businesses who were their suppliers. Further down the line, other small businesses – restaurants, dog groomers, vets., massage therapists, laundromats – anyone who can’t bill the government for services rendered is trying to cope with a clientele who are so worried they are just not spending; not to mention having to cope with a really big pay raise for anyone at minimum wage. NDPers can say they are just helping the underdogs by raising the minimum wage, but reality is the workers currently making $15 – $25 will expect equal raise hikes; raising prices for many businesses would render their product unsaleable and their doors closed.

  • BillyHW

    Allison Redford, Danielle Smith, Rachel Notley…if only there was some connection between them…

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Sister wives?

  • Cat-astrophe

    I work on the front line out here in Alberta and I see the human devastation first hand. The foreclosures, the layoffs, the pain felt by the young family’s just getting started. and it is brutal.

    Been in the patch since ’76 and never have so many people and events conspired to destroy the Alberta oil patch as this time. World focus and condemnation brought upon the Oil Sands by our media. Foreign money invested in anti pipeline protests at every project, all aimed at us. Our eastern refineries buying foreign oil to please media opinion about line “9”.

    There’s the roll out of agenda 2030 to add to agenda 21, with the world leaders at the UN talking like if we do not shut off all sources of carbon emission immediately, the world will end up like Mars.

    The economic downturn of the biggest user of fossil fuel, China.

    A weak global economy on the table with countries everywhere in debt to the point of default.

    And all this during the biggest oil production glut the world has ever seen.

    At home, we elect Communist lite to Alberta’s legislature, hell bent on stopping everything but their wage increases, bureaucratic growth and tax hikes.

    I’ve been through industry slow downs a few times already, but to quote a murdered Iraqi President, “This is going to be the Mother of all Battles” before this one settles out.

  • David Murrell

    Excellent piece. At the end of the piece, Ezra asks “why should the media care?”, “if Alberta’s leaders like Notley and Nenshi do not care”.
    The reason CBC News and the Globe and Mail do not care is that they support the anti-energy Notley NDP, and censor economic stories in order to protect the left-wing government.