Yes, minister, no more: Today’s bureaucrats have a different attitude #elxn42

These days, senior bureaucrats, including diplomats, retire from the public service at a young age and assume gigs as consultants for their former employer or as advisers to lobby groups, law firms or corporations. Unbound by the code of ethics that governs active bureaucrats, they give voice to disgruntled friends and colleagues still working inside the government, becoming media critics of the government in their capacity as public policy experts. But they’re hardly neutral.

“The public has been persuaded that when an ex-bureaucrat talks about policy, it’s based on science and evidence, but that when a politician speaks about it, it’s based strictly on anecdotes,” Prof. Paquet says. “But a bureaucrat’s point of view is just one among many.”


Remember that when you read this next Globe article; Leaked internal report warns of Canada’s declining world influence

And keep it in mind for tonight’s Leader’s debate on foreign policy.

Canada’s ideologically toxic bureaucracy is in large part to blame for mass immigration from Islamist states.

  • David Murrell

    I’m not a conspiracy nut, but this is a classic example of a conspiracy between Canada’s federal bureaucrats and the left-wing, ant-Harper media. A left-wing bureaucrat — a Liberal to be sure — writs a “top secret” memo criticizing the Conservatives, then the memo is leaked to a left-wing newspaper. It becomes a “story” (and the two left-wing writers go so far as to state in their one-sided article that the leak is timed to “embarrass” the Conservatives). This is how and who the ruling-class elites ultimately govern our nations.

  • Ed

    Liberals are OK with elected outcomes as long as they’re winning.