Taliban invade Kunduz, northern Afghanistan

The Taliban have overrun much of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan, capturing government buildings and the city’s central prison in one of the biggest military victories for the movement since 2001. It is the most serious invasion of a provincial capital in 14 years.

The Taliban entered the city during an early morning assault, storming the regional hospital and clashing with security forces at the nearby university.

By the afternoon, militants had reportedly captured the intelligence service headquarters, set fire to UN buildings and released hundreds of prisoners from the city’s jail, according to local journalists and residents.

  • Martin B

    The Afghan “government” is a rotting corpse crawling with maggots & worms. The Obama administration has been spraying perfume over it and telling us how nice it smells.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Relax, it’s only the Taliban.
    They are our “Peace Partners”!

  • Shebel

    Good thing that we are spending Billions on aircraft, drones , satellites and military expertise to prevent this type of thing. Nobody even saw them coming. Maybe they thought that no one would ever attack a city filled with Kundz.