Mohamed Fahmy: How the Media Party used this “Al Jazeera hack” to attack Harper #elxn42

Canadian of convenience Mohamed Fahmy was born in Egypt, became a Canadian citizen in his teens, but returned to the Middle East to cover the region for the LA Times, and finally Al Jazeera, the state-sponsored Qatar media outlet.

  • This has always been an intriguing, albeit confusing, story and Ezra breaks it down quite nicely. Levant should be the one getting the six-figure salary at CBC, not lazy bums like Mansbridge et al, who probably spend no more than about two minutes a day doing their research. I think Mansbridge basically comes into work every day, makes a phone call to someone in the NDP or one of the Unions, and asks, “So, what are the talking points on ‘such and such’ a story — what’s the NDP’s position?”. Whatever answer he is given, becomes his “in-depth journalistic analysis” for the day.

    The fact is the NDP deliberately lobbied to try to get Fahmy to blame the Canadian Government and Harper for Fahmy’s dumb exploits abroad. The NDP was hoping for another lawsuit against Canada — which Harper doesn’t personally pay for, we the taxpayers pay for it! Reminds me of when Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals lobbied against Canada getting a seat on the U.N. Security Council — Harper doesn’t personally lose in a situation like that, Canada as a Nation loses!

    The Left will do anything — even approaching treason — in its quest to whore for votes. “Harper Derangement Syndrome” is a fitting label.

    • Clausewitz

      Mansbridge is nothing more than a news reader. The Union copywriters put all of his words in his mouth. It’s in each of their’s contracts.

  • kkruger71

    Solid piece by Ezra here.
    On a side note, have to say I’m a bit disappointed they really seem to have brought Menzies in as a regular at The Rebel.

    • ntt1

      yeah me too, he is rather annoying at best