Minutes Before #Elxn42 Foreign Policy Debate Liberals Lose Maria Manna Their Strongest 911 Troofer!

Maria Manna resigns as Liberal candidate after questioning 9-11

Update: Maria Manna, who questioned official accounts of how the Twin Towers collapsed, has resigned as federal Liberal candidate in Cowichan-Malahat-Langford.

She posted this statement on her Facebook page on Monday afternoon:

After stepping back and reflecting on recent events, I have decided to resign as the Liberal candidate for Cowichan–Malahat–Langford. I fully support Justin Trudeau, the Liberal team, and the real change they are bringing to Canadians. This election is far too important to have my past opinions and comments detract from that goal. I sincerely apologize to those I have offended. I will continue to devote myself to my music and humanitarian work.