DARPA Researching “Neural Prosthetics” To Treat Traumatic Brain Injuries

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This could be good. I mean it sounds good, if that’s all it is used for, but since this is DARPA, we will never really know, but the conspiratorial types are worried.

NPR has an interview about it, and other DARPA stuff.

INSKEEP: Not only that. DARPA has been, in effect, mapping the human brain. One of the most intriguing programs was one that Annie Jacobsen could not learn very much about.

JACOBSEN: Of the 2.5 million Americans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, 300,000 of them came home with traumatic brain injury. DARPA initiated a series of programs to help cognitive functioning, to repair some of this damage. And those programs center around putting brain chips inside the tissue of the brain. Since the 1950s, the Pentagon has been pursuing artificial intelligence. And we keep coming up against a barrier. And what my sources suggested to me was that the key to artificial intelligence lies inside the human brain. And the suggestion is that these brain-chip programs that DARPA keeps very classified are, in fact, prototypes to push artificial intelligence to becoming a reality.