The Rise of Right Wing Politics is What European Elites Fear Most About Migrant Crisis

When European elites speak of their fears surrounding the migrant crisis, it isn’t demographic change or rising crime they mention – but the political right wing which offers an alternative.

  • Dana Garcia

    The left elites have spoiled themselves by crushing national sovereignty — they can issue an endless stream of EU directives from Brussels that are all about control and have nothing to do with what the people need.

    The right sands for national sovereignty, which is why lefty elites hate them. Czech President Vaclav Klaus had it right when he remarked in 2003, “You cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state.”

  • Jay Currie

    The migrant crisis has exposed the essential weakness of the elite’s view of everything from sovereignty to Islam. The “rise of right wing parties” is one consequence. The other is the willingness of so called moderate parties to actually reflect on the reality of the multiKulti experiment. What could not be said in polite company a few years ago is now the dominant narrative in the politics of Europe and North America.

    Being polite Canadians we are having a debate about the niqab. It is the one issue in the current election which has any serious traction and – oddly enough – Harper owns it. The niqab is a proxy for all of the uneasiness Canadians have about massive Islamic immigration and Islam itself. It occurs to middle of the road Canadians that Muslim immigrants are somehow, well, different from the Irish, the Italians, the Chinese, the Sikhs and so on. All of these nationalities/religions have managed to assimilate – so for that matter have the Ishmalis; but somehow Muslims from the Middle East lack much interest in assimilation. And demanding the right to hide their face as they take their citizenship oath epitomizes this unwillingness to become “Canadian”.

    It takes a while but, eventually, nations and cultures will reject the ideology masquerading as religion that presents a fundamental threat to their continued existence.

  • Allan

    I am sick of ALL media using the term, “far right”. Even Fox News keeps repeating this. Having a sane immigration policy does not make anyone, “far right”. It is a slur and I recommend everyone that would prefer to see their cultures survive drop it ASAP!