The City of Mississauga’ Extremism Problem: ISNA and Hizb ut-Tahrir

The presence of a Mississauga Ontario high school principal as a featured speaker at extremist conference raises questions about the City of Mississauga and the Province of Ontario. Is it appropriate for a high school principal, who is specifically identified as a youth mentor, to be speaking at a conference for an organization that espouses violent jihad in its constitution? Should such a person speak at a conference whose organizer says Canadian Muslims should not vote unless it is for Sharia Law and that all Canadian soldiers are war criminals? Should tax payer supported facilities host such events?

  • Martin B

    The Islamic Society of North America High School? Why is such an obscenity allowed anywhere on Canadian soil?

    • Icebow

      Shouldn’t be allowed even on Saudi soil, or indeed any earthly soil.

      • infedel

        …saudi or islam should not be allowed on the planet. Period — as we like to say.

        • Vendela Anderson

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  • jayme

    There have been some very pro Islamic conferences/talks in Ottawa the past few years that I and others have said should not be allowed but the left says this is free speech.

    • Surele Surele

      Oh, Ottawa, the bastion of free speech. Especially at the U of 0

  • Icebow

    No, no, and no.

    • infedel

      Oh, I should have scrolled down first– well, great minds think alike…;)

      • Icebow


  • Censored_EG

    The Caliphate of Islamissauga continues its development… *sigh*

  • infedel

    No. No. No. –how simple is that.

  • Gary

    I mentioned this before , so I’ll say it again because it was in 2006 when I went to the Muslimfest website and saw that Dr.Sheema Khan from CAIR had approved a notice to muslims and Arabs that it was Halal to donate their Zakat to the War effort in Lebanon( hezballah) .
    CAIR was also holding a Workshop for youths that taught them about their duty in the quran to do jihad in Canada to claim it for allah as a calphate. It mentions that during this time when muslims are small in numbers we must focus on soft jihad such as dawah to spread islam and to demand sharia law where you work or go to school.

    In the end I couldn’t get one person in the media to expose this, nor did any Liberal care about it when I also had a link to a Arab website in Canada where Carolyn Parish ( MP for that Seat ) was quoted for promoting it as good for Canadian to learn tolerance and diversity .

    Morons are running the Country at all the 3 levels and they are STILL in denial about 9/11 being done by 19 muslims as a favour to allah.

  • Edubeat

    The PeelDSB sent a letter to PM Harper this past week demanding his government accept ‘ALL’ refugees from war-torn countries (read Syria).signed by the Director of Education/Chair. I didn’t know at the time that the local educrats were permitted in their mandate to influence Canada’s foreign affairs department. Secondly I didn’t realize they set out our foreign policy initiatives for Ottawa. It seems a little over-the-top by my standards