Other Parties Accuse Harper of Pushing the Niqab Ban For Votes

Let’s assume for a moment that the accusation was true. Eighty-two percent of Canadians support such a ban. If anything, Harper would be heeding the wishes of the electorate.

How is that a problem? Aren’t voters always complaining that politicians don’t listen?

Canada’s two main opposition leaders accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper in an election debate on Thursday of trying to win votes by pushing a ban on Muslim women’s face coverings during citizenship ceremonies.

Harper’s Conservatives, locked in a tight race with the New Democrats and the Liberals ahead of an Oct. 19 election, say people wishing to become Canadians must show their faces.

Polls indicate the proposal is popular in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec, where there are long-standing tensions over how tolerant Quebecers should be toward the customs and traditions of immigrants.