NDP Reveals Its Climate Change Plan

They say provinces can opt out.

They say a lot of things.

The NDP is releasing a climate change plan that would allow provinces to opt out if their efforts to minimize carbon emissions are as good or better than those of the federal government.

The party says in its plan that money Ottawa would raise from carbon pricing would go to the provinces for reinvesting in further efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Party leader Tom Mulcair, who is releasing his plan in Toronto on Sunday, has said Canada’s climate record has fallen behind under the Conservative government.

He has promised to create a cap-and-trade system and give any revenue generated from that to the provinces for their environmental programs.

  • Millie_Woods

    Or we can save ourselves the trouble by not voting for the dirty old socialist.

  • andycanuck

    How can it have “fallen behind” when the Liberals did literally nothing about Kyoto etc.? (Thank f#ck for small favours, I’d add!)

    • Exactly. Especially since climate change wasn’t a big issue before the Conservatives were elected — it wasn’t front and centre on the world stage. In fact the term “climate change” didn’t even exist at the time — it was called “global warming” and the “greenhouse effect” (but the Progs later changed the terminology just in case the globe actually got COOLER — hence the more abstract and subjectively interpretive term “climate change”). Tom Mulcair is a liar.

      Kyoto, and Rio, and Cancun et cetera were about “rainforests” and “carcinogens” and “waste disposal” and “recycling” and “alternative energy” and such, and other more tangible issues concerning pollution and environmental deprivation. Not that the Progs ever offered practical and realistic solutions to those more tangible issues either. So now they’ve basically moved completely out of the realm of science and into the realm of ideology and myth.

      BTW, so whatever happened to the infamous “hole in the ozone layer” that was all the rage back in the ’90’s? Did the “hole” actually close up after the Progs actually forced women everywhere to stop using hairspray, and manufacturers to stop manufacturing it? So where are the ozone “scientists” today? These people are f**king insane.

      • Bataviawillem

        Hole in the ozone layer actually closed after the propellant in spray cans was changed.

  • andycanuck

    BTW. I thought of what I think is a good retort to all of this crap even if you want to (falsely) concede to an outright pro-CAGW fanatic or general, LIV CAGW-believer that manmade CO2 is to blame for all evil and the catastrophic part is true too.

    For CO2 emissions it really is a zero-sum game (like Leftists pretend “wealth” is).

    It doesn’t matter that Canadians (or Australians) have per capita emissions X percent higher than other industrialized nations, if we only produce literally 0.001 percent of (manmade?) atmospheric CO2 then if we literally went back to the Stone Age tomorrow, it would still only reduce atmospheric CO2 by that miniscule proportion. Us cutting our atmospheric CO2 emissions by even some ludicrous goal like 15% amounts to virtually no difference to the world’s CO2.

    Aiming for cuts like 15% (or 50% or whatever) doesn’t mean we’re cutting the world’s CO2 emissions by that percentage; it’s a cut to a tiny, non-world-shaking amount.

    And, of course, why should we make a tiny cut to world CO2 emissions/levels when China etc. aren’t?

  • ntt1

    this is all based on fraudulent “science” . Will this ridiculous taxation of everything be repealed as the last wheels fall off the climate scam? Will the politicians that cynically advanced this whole new system of taxation based on fairy tales ,resign as the fraud is exposed?

    • terrence

      Will they resign? NO, NEVER!

      • Alain

        Or even admit their own guilt.

        • Vendela Anderson

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  • Gary

    The NDP is currently posting an outright LIE in the window for Peggy Nash’s office at 1570 Bloor west.
    She has a very misleading notice that Harper doesn’t give Health Care coverage to refugees. Nash is preying on the refugee area to treat them like ignorant peons too stupid to know that the NDP are good liars and that they should do the research for any claims by the NDP.
    There is also another notice that paints all the people leaving Syria as Refugees and then we must take in thousands.

    Peggy Nash did NOT show how we would pay for her Utopia of FREE health care and open doors for any of the 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada.
    Right across the street is the Liberal Office where Justin is promoting his Brown Refugee to win the MP seat , but how odd that Justin has a Rainbow flag in the window while at the same time he courts the votes from the islamists that endorse murdering gays as done in Iran and Gaza.

    Toronto is heading towards being another crime and poverty hell-hole City as it grows for the Welfare cases and is now 50%+ non-Canadian born residence and growing for the number of non -whites .
    Joe Mihevc told the media that the 300,000+ illegals or tourists in Toronto will get welfare and full heath care coverage in the new Sanctuary City.

    • Well, Piggy Nash is actually telling the truth! Every day when I go cycling in Toronto I pass dozens of refugees dying in the streets from terrible diseases, and Physicians ignoring them and simply watching them die.

      Oops, I guess those were crack addicts and hookers — sorry, I retract.

    • Clausewitz

      Guess Miss Peggy is too stupid to realize that Healthcare is a provincial responsibility as per the BNA Act and the Canadian Constitution. NDP, lies upon lies, hell they even steal from the Conservatives when it comes to their advertising.