Justin Announces He Will Rob Taxpayers For Support Of Predatory Public Service Unions #elxn42

Liberals amp up message to public servants ahead of federal election

OTTAWA—Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has penned an open letter to public servants as his party and the New Democrats fight to woo federal government workers in target ridings such as Ottawa Centre.

The Grits are trying to capitalize on the public, and often nasty, battle between the bureaucracy and the federal Conservatives.


Right out of Mommy Kathleen’s playbook.

  • David Murrell

    I was going to post that Trudeau is copying the corrupt Wynne government, but your last sentence nailed it. All the Liberals have to do is bribe the bureaucrats –and in doing so the Liberals get the support of the media cartel, to boot.

    Pay off the public service unions, and raise taxes. A winning strategy.

    • Worked for Wynne.

    • Alain

      Actually at the federal level it does not always work. I was working for the federal government when the Conservatives were first elected, and I recall the scare mongering the Liberals tried to pull off on federal civil servants. I had the odd co-worker who bought into the lie, but the majority did not since the Conservative candidate won in our riding. Granted this was in BC and not Ottawa, but here the union executives were pretty much seen for the leeches they were. This was especially the case during strikes when the executives rolled up in their expensive vehicles pretending to support those on strike. More than once they were told to bugger off. My point is that federal civil servants may be forced by existing law to be part of these unions, but that doesn’t mean they like it.

      • Vendela Anderson

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  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Without checks and balances, and without government, all you have is corporate government and life in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as stated by people I know that were around back then say that life was better. You only needed one income. Nowadays, you need to have two incomes and probably even 2 or 3 jobs for one income earner. How is that to raise a family?! The Canadian Action party agrees that the problem has been free trade, which was stated back in 1988 was going to cost Canada hundreds of jobs each month. We are now in 2015 and the chickens have come home to roost. It seems to me we were sold down the river. Globalism and corporatism will eventually I feel lead Canada to neo-feudalism and third world economic status. There is no way around it. The biggest proof of this is what I call the final free trade agreement which is the current TPP agreement. The talk of how to tax or tax cut an economy is relevant without real economic experts that would make protectionism be part of some sectors with improved free trade agreements and less of them. That is what the Canadian Action party talks about and it is something I think Canadians need a real discussion about. Harper and the mainstream parties, the NDP and Liberals, are simply just following neoliberalism. Everything else is fought on the taxes versus tax cut dichotomy, instead of talking about what should really be discussed. That thing that gets missed is about how to organize an economy. Greece wanted national sovereignty but Germany and the EU intervened and threatened Syriza. I feel that the mainstream parties are sellouts and would hate a government representing national sovereignty, national unity, non-interventionism, direct democracy, and real independence on a whole host of issues.

    The line that really sticks with me is if democracy were to work then we wouldn’t be allowed to participate. That line is very telling and does speak of the truth of Western capitalism nowadays and the debtor mentality that all Western nations share with each other.

  • jayme

    They have not said this but here is my guess what will happen
    1)We will hire 80,000 new workers over 4 years
    2)In crease in pay for all 10% over 4 years
    3)Increase in sick days
    4)Increase in all benefits
    5)We will make it easier to retire and keep 90% of you benefits
    7)Buy out packages will be the best in the world
    Again lets hope this does not happen but I could see them doing something like this.