Is Syria Becoming a ‘Frozen Conflict’?

The latest moves on the regime side in the Syrian war suggest an effort by its allies, including Russia, to “freeze” the conflict rather than to continue it to victory. This is because victory in the form originally conceived of – the reconquest of the entirety of the country by the Assads – is clearly no longer achievable.

  • Why is it that the Russians always seem to make more sense on Syria than Obama and crew? I think Western leaders are so out of touch with reality, that even a former KGB weasel like Putin is becoming “the lesser of two evils” on the issue. He’s definitely shown the ability to “think out of the box”. The problem isn’t that the war in Syria is “frozen”, the problem is that the Progressive Left leaders of the West are frozen — in ideology they’re worse than former Communists!

    Plus I stand behind Putin on another issue: the law prohibiting the sexualization of children in Russia and the indoctrination of children into homo-sexism. If Putin were to become a Canadian citizen and run against Kathleen Wynne in Ontario, I would vote for him!

    • Say no to pre-emptive wars!

      I never knew everyone that doesn’t think like you is left. That sure covers a wide spectrum and it comes from people like Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and others like that, including Rebel Media. Canada needs to follow the traditions of PC and Liberal governments over time which never engaged in populist fearmongering, but actually built out foreign policy based on the fact that we are a middle power. That means in essence that we can only do much and we should be for mediation, diplomacy, ending conflict, a strategy on war and ending it and truly lessening the problems around the world through negotiation. That is not being a coward but developing a strategy through real facts and not manipulation. Populism is what the former Bush administration was for and continued under Obama as liberal interventionism. Both regimes, including now with Obama, have been for massive wars. The problem with Harper is he supported the rebel groups in Syria, along with Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and others. Therefore, it is nations picking and choosing alliances and choosing narratives. What ever happened to telling the truth and truly wanting the Canadian people to be informed and not manipulating the public through fear. The C-51 bill is another example of this.

      This has nothing to do with communism versus being left wing. It has to do with how nations create a foreign policy. All Western nations are pro-NATO and for following the US. We need independence on foreign policy. It is a shame people on here simply refuse to know that there are alternatives to everything, and not everything is black and white.

      • Who’s talking about “massive wars”? Not me. In fact Russia’s approach seems to reflect the reality that one must be willing to concede defeat concerning that particular region of Syria. Remember the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and their humiliating withdrawal? Putin was a KGB agent at the time. I think the Russians understand their limitations where making war in the Middle East is concerned.

        And yes, it is in fact a Left/Right issue — because the Canadian Left has made it a Left/Right issue. “Middle of the road” Canada is gone forever — the contemporary Progressive Liberal Left are dictators, and you have to be willfully blind not to see it.

        As far as Glen Beck, Mark Levin, etc., they didn’t influence me in the least and I don’t have time to read everything conservatives are writing, although I do have an appreciation for it. I developed my ideas more than 30 years ago overseas when I personally witnessed the development of two separate Communist revolutions and its consequences from beginning to end. I witnessed a process that I understand intimately, and I am witnessing the same process at work today in Western countries such as Canada. Get with reality, son. Pick up a history book.

  • Isn’t such a goal pointless?

    One recalls the experience of the Taliban.

    • Millie_Woods

      I agree. Sounds like a loser scenario.

      • I think we should fix the mistakes of the past and eliminate ISIS. There is no dealing with them.

        • Millie_Woods

          If Dubya was still running the show there wouldn’t be half the problems in the middle east there is right now. Maybe none of the problems.

          • He had a chance to eliminate bin Laden and make Saudi Arabia glass. He did not. About the time Obama had a chance to sleep on eliminating bin Laden, the wretched man was no longer important because several like him had popped up. I liked Bush but he fouled the ball on some occasions.

          • Millie_Woods

            Agreed. But he was only human and he faced a lot of headwinds in the press and Congress. I think his firm desire was to continue kicking ass wherever required and to occupy the ME for the forseeable future. Lybian and Syria would still be intact and ISIS probably wouldn’t exist. Obama’s legacy there is foreign policy failure and humanitarian disaster.

          • I didn’t hate Bush but some mistakes cannot be overlooked. At any rate, he’s not Obama, so…

  • simus1

    Extreme islamist regimes tend to get involved in multiple factional civil wars once external military pressures on them are relaxed. Libya and Somalia are good examples. Fighting over who gets to share in oil revenue helps too. Wouldn’t be surprised as time goes on that various fiefdoms emerge throughout Iraq and Syria with Russia and Turkey supporting and opposing them as conditions evolve.
    If Iraq had been divided in three along religious/ethnic lines after the first Gulf War as anyone with half a brain could see was required, this present mess might have been avoided or at least minimized.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If it kills Muslims I’m for it. I hope it grinds on until everyone’s killed.

    • Say no to pre-emptive wars!

      How very religious of you, not! The fact is I feel that the Middle East needs stable governments which are not Western puppet regimes but what Gorbachev wanted which was truly independent nations. That is how the world should be and not just the Middle East.

      • Hard Little Machine

        You have two options in the mideast: totalitarianism or civil war. Pick one.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Russia would be taking a big risk by inserting itself into the Sunni-Shiite feud. It could probably get away with propping up Assad in his enclave and doing nothing further. Putin, though, may need hands on experience to appreciate the Powell Principle of Military Interventions, “If you break it, you own it.”