Canada’s NDP future? See Alberta

Canadians who care to look will see what a federal NDP government would look like by examining the actions of Alberta’s new NDP government under Premier Rachel Notley.

Outwardly, Notley and her cabinet give the impression of being ideologically reasonable and fiscally prudent, just as federal New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair is doing.

But it’s a mask. It’s socialism with a smiling face.

  • Alex

    They always smile when they have their hands in your wallet.

  • And the Left seem to have a strategy to move quite quickly on their radical policies. Whether we’re talking about the Wynne Liberals in Ontario, or Notley NDP’s in Alberta. The strategy to quickly put in the most radical policies immediately after elected, during that unwritten “grace period” of the first few months, when they are still riding the wave of popularity from winning an election. When people least expect a new Government to do something crazy.

  • mobuyus

    A tranny of niceness is still tyranny.

  • David Murrell

    Since there is almost zero chance of Harper winning majority, and since the talk is that the Libs and the NDP will form a coslition, with Mulcair as prime minister, we’re about to see an Alberta-NDP repeat writ large.