Why the Middle East needs more kings

Watch the videos of 1950s Iraq on YouTube and you glimpse something close to an idyll. It’s true that Pathé News was not big on gritty realism, but history relates that here it was not using a heavily rose-tinted lens; Hugh Trevor-Roper even went so far as to describe Iraq at the time as a Levantine Switzerland. Or you can go to Google Images, tap in ‘1960s Afghan women’ and be offered photographs of a mixed university biology class, and others of young women with short skirts, long hair and smiling faces.

  • andycanuck

    Mark Steyn has shown pre-1980s photos from Afghanistan and Egypt (including university yearbook photos) showing everyone dressing as Westerners including the women.

  • Millie_Woods

    This is why I can’t dismiss muslims as people. There’s many who don’t want any part of this jihad/shariah crap and just want to get on with their lives and make a better life for their children. Most tips the authorities get about Islamic extremists comes from muslims themselves (you didn’t think Sgt. Steele of The NWMP had infiltrated the local mosque did you?) If the government and courts would deal with, i.e. deport, the trouble makers as soon as they open their mouths about shariah and niqabs and destroying the west etc. we wouldn’t have the problems we do. That’s why I support C-51 as long as it’s used against actual terrorists, and of course it’s why the left hates C-51.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s obvious that representative government is the advanced version. You can’t just set up some elections and figure everything will work out. It won’t in primitive areas of Shariastan, which is nearly all of them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Muslim world offers you two options: Totalitarianism, and complete anarchy. Pick one.

  • disqusW6sf

    He really thinks having monarchies will solve the problem. I think we’re far from even having a plan to solving this Islamic mess.