Tory Signs Defaced By Some “Brave” Idiot

It’s called freedom of expression, O Social Justice Warrior:

‘My body, my choice’ are the words printed and taped to a handful of Conservative signs in the Winnipeg South riding.

The signs were defaced Thursday following comments made by Tory candidate Gordon Giesbrecht comparing abortion to 9/11 and the holocaust. 

In a 2009 video, Giesbrecht is recorded saying: “Six million Jews were killed in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. That’s a staggering number, but get this: since abortion became legal in North America several decades ago, over 42 million unborn babies have been aborted.”

“That’s a 9/11 every day for the past 35 years,” Giesbrecht said.

The video surfaced Tuesday and by Thursday a number of Giesbrecht’s signs were defaced with the phrase.

Voters in the area told CBC the backlash is not surprising.

“Sometimes when you have an extreme view one way or the other, whether it’s pro-life or pro-choice, I mean you’re open to comments,” Esther Paradoski said.

“Though I don’t believe that people should be defacing signs on other people’s property. If those signs are somebody’s front lawn that’s private property,” she said.