Time to Ditch Terms Like ‘Islamophobia’

Certain terms commonly used in our political and cultural discourse serve only to thwart thinking and halt debate. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson continues to defend himself against accusations of “Islamophobia,” after recently stating Islam is not compatible with the United States Constitution.

But what is “Islamophobia”?

  • Gary

    Since 9/1//01 the CBC allowed CAIR’s Sheema Khan to get free air time to spew the islamophobia label which was to silence people that told the truth about islam.
    The Human Rights Commissions drank the kool ade long ago and has ent Canadian to jail just for being a non-muslim that cited the quran in public to expose the jew hatred and death cult sect.

    I can’t wait until I see Barbara Hall arrested and in Cuffs for her being complicit in spreading sharia law and jailing non-muslims for telling the truth about islam. Once the brain-dead traitors in Politics wake-up to islamic invasion to impose sharia and claim Canada as a caliphate for allah , we will see retro-active arrests under the UN rules for crimes against Humanity when Hall made a free will choice to remain stupid about islam and send innocent humans to jail when she defends the Rights for homeless people not be picked up by police and taken to shelter for the safety.
    A homeless man died this February as he froze to death one night at a TTC stop shelter, but another man was forced into a jail by the Human Rights Commission fascists because islamofascists filed a complaint of Hurt feelings when hate was spewed from the quran by a non-muslim.
    Jon Tory better watch it because his Sanctuary City borders on Treason and stealing tax dollars from the CRA to give to Tourists and illegals that currently are told by Joe Mihevc that the 300,000 will receive welfare and health care FREE.

  • ed

    ” it isn`t islamophobia when muslims realy are trying to kill you “

  • Alain

    I have always totally rejected and refuse to use any of the Orwellian newspeak that others call PC. Be it islamophobe, homophobe, white privilege or whatever.