Iranian protesters take to the streets to blame Saudi ‘incompetence’ for causing the Hajj stampede which killed 719 pilgrims

What are they gonna do? Gum’em to death?

Old Hag Muslima

  • African

    And the highest religious authority in Saudi Arabia just said that it was the will of allah for those 800 muslims to die and no one will argue with him:

  • African
  • simus1

    Don’t throw stones at the devil, you muslim morons.
    Do a virtual haj. Just send your money. Get a certificate back in the mail.

  • John

    I thought that nothing happened but by the will of Allah.
    Perhaps the devil just got pissed off at all the morons throwing stones at him.

  • Dana Garcia

    Herding a million low-IQ products of cousin marriage can’t be easy. Still, Saudis usually aren’t shy about applying force when they deem it necessary.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    First the crane, now this. Do you suppose that the real God is executing judgment on them?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who cares? #flatlivesmatter

  • Chris

    Brushing ones teeth (tooth?) is apparently forbidden in Islam. This photo makes me pro burka/niqab.

  • DMB

    Worshiping an inanimate object is hazardous to ones health.