David Suzuki and Justin Trudeau Have Heated Words

Whither the love?

A heated phone call with Justin Trudeau led to David Suzuki calling the Liberal leader a “twerp” and Trudeau labelling environmentalist’s views as “sanctimonious crap,” Suzuki said Friday.

In an interview with Evan Solomon on the former CBC host’s new radio show, Everything Is Political: Campaign 2015, Suzuki said Trudeau called to speak about the Liberals’ climate change policy before it was released.

“I didn’t call Justin, he called me,” Suzuki said. “He wanted an endorsement and he wanted to tell me exactly what his program was.”

Suzuki took issue with some of the projects the Liberal leader has supported in the past.

“I said ‘Justin, stop it,’” Suzuki told Solomon. “‘You’re just being political. I know that you want to make headway in Alberta so you’re for the continued development of the tar sands, you’re for the Keystone pipeline, but you’re against the Northern Gateway. You’re all over the damn map!’”

The environmental scientist advised Trudeau about accepting the internationally agreed target for a two-degree rise in global temperature means that 80 per cent of the oil sands would have to stay in the ground.

Suzuki said Trudeau didn’t take the criticism lightly and the conversation turned sour.

“He said: ‘I don’t have to listen to this sanctimonious crap.’ I proceeded to call him a twerp. But I realized that he’s playing politics.”