‘Clock Boy’ and America’s Suicidal PC Tendencies

Last week, Muslim 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed made national news after being detained by police for bringing a deconstructed clock to his Texas school. The clock, to inexpert eyes, looked like a bomb. Ahmed’s English teacher thought so and called the police; when they questioned Mohamed, he reportedly stonewalled them. They released him after realizing that the device posed no threat and was not meant as a hoax explosive.

But this being Barack Obama’s America, that didn’t end the story.

  • Gary

    I knew something was up when the Media went nuts to assert that Clockmed invented a Digital clock and not merely assembled one from parts.
    But don’t be fooled by his sad face because Omar Khadr could rig a Phone into this device as a trigger for the timer to start and set off the detonator for a bomb just by phoning the number to activate the ring that starts the countdown.

    After what I saw in the Kenya Mall slaughter where muslims chose to leave and let christians die , this is a perfect Dry Run to see what will happen and inflict so much fear from the label racists or Islamophobe to question clockmed muhomeMade bomb about his cute case with stuff in it.
    The ISIS thugs and islamists in the USA would easily use a muslim family to threat with death to get their son to take a real bomb to school knowing how CAIR and many muslims are quick to hate and use the racism word .
    Does anyone really think that the majority of muslims in the USA and Canada would die to save a non-muslim like the Kenya Mall slaughter event , or how the Cop in France said he was a fellow muslim expecting to be spared by the Hebdo killers. ???

    Suicide bomber for allah will use the Burka and Niqab to get into our Courts and Government offices, but don’t tell Justin and Tommy that because every muslims terrorist has root causes or a drug addict issue that drove them to kill for allah.

    • PapayaSF

      I don’t think it’s a “dry run” or serious “probing.” It’s a political provocation equivalent to what a kid will do to annoy another kid: put his hand close and say “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” Compare it with the “Flying Imams” incident: Muslims do things that raise suspicions but which are technically “innocent,” then scream “Islamophobia!” and file lawsuits. It’s a publicity stunt, propaganda for the cause. And note that CAIR is involved in both of these.

      I really doubt if Ahmed’s father wants to plants bombs anytime soon, but he’s an activist for Islam, runs for president of Sudan, and has a feud with the mayor of Irving over her rejection of Sharia courts. Ahmed’s older sister got expelled from another school for a bomb threat, and has been coaching Ahmed. So the dad gets publicity for his campaign and revenge against the mayor, and sis gets revenge on the school district.

      • andycanuck

        I agree that it was a setup and not a dry run. (Although I agree with your general sentiments.)

        They’re suing now BTW, so that also gives an economic incentive besides all the subsidiary free crap they’ve gotten; and the fundraising website to send the Boy Genius to private school.

        And CAIR was undoubtedly part of it including getting the White House to respond within hours, quicker than news services were responding. The W.H. Obama tweeted “cool clock” comment was apparently made before any photos of the device had been released. And the Clock-Sucker’s sister just happened to be there to get a photo of him in handcuffs.

        A setup all the way.

      • Gary

        I hope you’re right, but if his family back home is threatened by terrorist or he’s pressured in the USA to sneak in a bomb to the school or be killed, Muslim will default 99.99% of the time to let the infidel dies for their freedom .
        About 8 years ago I predicted to a FBI connection that my guess for the new terrorism would be human bombs to have one put inside the suicide bomber that wants to die anyway for allah and no real loss.
        Some people thought I was too far off the wall and had a great imagination .
        That was until about 2 years later when terrorists linked to a huge drug market to fund their war had used a women to carry a new born on a National Airline plane to send a message when the baby had surgery to plant a bomb inside it with some pressure sensitive detonator and blew-up the pane the air .

        These are sick and twisted savages , some see their children as walking martyr’s for allah wait to please him while killing unbelievers.
        Read the qruan section where it declares that every male muslims over 13 is a warrior for allah to do jihad even if it starts as soft jihad and then terrorism. Omar Khadr played the media for suckers as the child soldier that got exploited by Daddy Dearest when in actual fact allah is daddy dearest approving 14 year old to kill for his cause and the Global caliphate .

        I don’t let my feeling get in the way of the truth , if my Brother converted to islam I would still assume that he’d slit my throat in a heart beat if allah and the quran sanctioned it during jihad.

        • PapayaSF

          I’ve never heard of this “baby bomb” incident. Do you have a link?

  • pdxnag

    Allegedly “not meant as a hoax explosive[.]”

  • andycanuck

    I know it’s a conservative source but that’s a pretty poor description of what happened that day.

    He wasn’t charged with or accused of making a real bomb but of knowingly making a fake bomb. Making a fake bomb is illegal in Texas so that you can’t have @ssholes making fake bombs and leaving them lying around or in their airport luggage (as some leftists did after 9/11) and claiming that you can’t charge them with making a phoney bomb threat because e.g. they didn’t telephone in a bomb threat, they just left a device laying around so you can’t charge them with a crime even though the device was treated like a real bomb. (Evacuation; bomb squad removal; flight cancellation etc.)

  • Chris

    I will be bringing my homemade clock to the polls on election day….While wearing a burka. I’m in need of some new electronic equipment and a vacation to Washington sounds nice.

  • DMB