Canada-Saudi Arabia Trade A Thorny Election Issue

It wouldn’t be if it was glass. Just saying:

The issue of whether Canada should be involved in such a deal with a country with a poor human rights record carried forward Friday. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, as he did the night before, defended the $15-billion deal that Canada helped secure last year, under which the London, Ont.-based manufacturer General Dynamics Land Systems will sell armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

At a campaign stop in Rivière-du-Loup, Que., Harper was asked whether he was putting Canadian jobs ahead of human rights concerns.

“As I’ve said in the debate, it’s frankly all of our partners and allies who were pursuing that contract, not just Canada. So this is a deal frankly with a country, and notwithstanding its human rights violations, which are significant, this is a contract with a country that is an ally in the fighting against the Islamic State. A contract that any one of our allies would have signed,” he said.

No sense to pull contract: Harper

“We expressed our outrage, our disagreement from time to time with the government of Saudi Arabia for their treatment of human rights, but I don’t think it makes any sense to pull a contract in a way that would only punish Canadian workers instead of actually expressing our outrage at some of these things in Saudi Arabia.”

I’m sure these very concerns also are addressed with regards to China and Bangladesh.

Oh, wait…

  • Ho Hum

    General Dynamics is an American company so there is nothing Harper can (or should) do to stop this order. If he blocked exports to Saudi Arabia – General Dynamics would just move production across the border to the U.S. or Mexico. Actually even a Canadian company with a $15 Billion contract would do the same thing – move to the U.S. or Mexico. Is that was the NDP and Liberals would like to see happen? We need to hang on to the few manufacturing jobs we have left in Ontario. I’m surprised that Obama hasn’t poached these jobs from Canada since it would be so easy to do since it involves an American defense contractor.

    • Loise Lunsfords

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  • simus1

    The left are basically spineless hypocrites whose purity hurdles they like to impose on others are as phony as all their other claims to virtuous leadership and elevated socialist morality.
    One would be hard pressed to come up with a more mundane item of military equipment than an assembled in Canada wheeled APC.

  • tom_billesley

    A future source of cullet.

  • Everyone Else

    Any time Saudi Arabia is mentioned it should be pointed out that it officially has apartheid against all non-Musims in the two big cities of Mecca and Medina.