Canada Revokes Citizenship of Toronto 18 Ringleader

The government used its new power to revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists for the first time on Friday against the imprisoned ringleader of the 2006 al-Qaida-inspired plot to detonate truck bombs in downtown Toronto.

Zakaria Amara was notified in a letter sent to the Quebec penitentiary where is he serving a life sentence that he is no longer a Canadian. He still holds citizenship in Jordan and could be deported there following his release from prison.

“He’s Toronto 18,” a source said, using the name by which Amara’s terrorist group was known. “They plotted terrorist attacks against downtown Toronto, they were convicted. They should not be citizens.” The decision was made by a senior official at Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Legislation that came into force in May, over the opposition of the NDP and Liberals, allows the government to revoke the citizenship of Canadians who have been convicted of terrorism offences — provided they hold citizenship in a second country.

The law also applies to dual citizens convicted of treason and spying for foreign governments, as well as members of armed groups at war against Canada. A little more than half-a-dozen Canadians have been notified so far that the government was considering revoking their citizenship.

From Rex Murphy:

The denial of passports is a stage toward the denial of citizenship. But the denial or witholding of passports is not a sufficient signal of the detestation a country and its people hold for those who so contemptuously forsake the gifts of loyalty and respect that a country rightfully commands from real citizens.

  • Cheryl

    It is about time, I only wish they would revoke a lot more of these people. Prime example if that woman does not want to take her burka off for the citizenship then please tell her she has the option of going back to her country of birth. I am so glad Harper is taking a stand, therefore he gets my vote. I also think someone should do something about are Charter of Rights that will say people coming here are not entitled to it until they have been here long enough that they have put something into this country.

    • Alain

      In the woman’s case no need to revoke it, since she doesn’t have it until she swears the oath. Knowing what we all now know of her, she should be denied citizenship, since there is no way she would honour the citizenship oath.

      • Cheryl

        Alain you are right, but I think the court is going to vote in her favour and the government is going to lose and that is what is wrong with our country. She should be told wear the burka then no citizenship but as she is doing now she has appealed stating our Charter of Rights. She has said it is infringing on her Charter of Rights. I realize that they can’t revoke her citizenship because she still doesn’t have it so I feel our Charter of Rights should not apply to these people.

      • Loise Lunsfords

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  • moraywatson

    Is it a protected right to wear your niqab at your deportation ceremony?

    • Minicapt

      1. It should be a requirement to don the niqab during the ceremony.
      2. If the individual insists on claiming he is devoted to Canada, then a successful suicide on departure may serve as evidence or confirmation.


  • Gary

    Lets not forget that the hamas-linked CAIR was defending the Toronto-18 as victims of islamophobia and racial profiling.
    The CBC gave Sheema Khan lots of Air Time to claim that islam means peace and do her dawah plus the Globe&mail gave her an OP-ED column to report on alleged islamophobia and hate-crimes that may have been to incite hatred for Canada which helps recruits more Jihadists.

    There are about 100,000 muslims that lied to get into canada for our citizenship because they failed to admit they supported terrorism for allah and the goal to claim Canada as a caliphate.
    Time to boot out these treasonous moles for allah that hate Canada and want to destroy it one day even if they need to wait 2 generations as they pump out babies today .

  • memphis

    Its a start

    • Alain

      Yes, but far too modest.

  • P_F

    Every single mohammedan living in any western country should be deported (regardless of his/her second or not citizenship) to a mohammedan country of their choice, or renounce sharia & islam.

  • David Murrell

    Lets not forget that, when Mulcair and Trudeau form the next government, they plan on nixing the new Conservative law that allows for the denying of citizenship for terrorists. Both the Liberals and the NDP are courting the war-criminal vote.

  • WalterBannon

    Being a member of the terrorist group known as ISLAM should be cause for revoking citizenship