British supermarket jihadi reveals Jaffa Cakes and fish fingers are the only things he misses since leaving the UK… and he hopes he will be killed in a drone strike, ‘God willing’

A British extremist fighting for the Islamic State in Syria has revealed that the only things he misses about the UK are fish fingers, Skittles and Jaffa Cakes .

Omar Hussain, 27, was dubbed ‘the supermarket jihadi’ when he left his job as security guard at a Morrisons store Buckinghamshire in order to wage war on behalf of the terror group.

Since arriving in Syria he has garnered a reputation for moaning, making regular complaints about his fellow jihadis’ bad manners, laziness and brutal treatment of animals.

Hussain has now taken part in a Q&A session with supporters, reluctantly revealing that he misses British junk food and adding that he hopes to be killed in a drone strike.