British supermarket jihadi reveals Jaffa Cakes and fish fingers are the only things he misses since leaving the UK… and he hopes he will be killed in a drone strike, ‘God willing’

A British extremist fighting for the Islamic State in Syria has revealed that the only things he misses about the UK are fish fingers, Skittles and Jaffa Cakes .

Omar Hussain, 27, was dubbed ‘the supermarket jihadi’ when he left his job as security guard at a Morrisons store Buckinghamshire in order to wage war on behalf of the terror group.

Since arriving in Syria he has garnered a reputation for moaning, making regular complaints about his fellow jihadis’ bad manners, laziness and brutal treatment of animals.

Hussain has now taken part in a Q&A session with supporters, reluctantly revealing that he misses British junk food and adding that he hopes to be killed in a drone strike.

  • ontario john

    This will be the new fad in Toronto stores. Halal Skittles, the snack food choice of terrorists.

    • The toxic ability of Islam to brainwash – on display right here.

  • ontario john

    In keeping with the honoured tradition of death and destruction during the islamic holiday, Toronto steps in with its own version of the Mecca deaths with a muslim being run over last night in a mosque parking lot. Why its just like our Christmas.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    He has a good wish , I hope the Russians can locate him and pleased him with his dream .

  • Seneca III

    FFS when are the media going to stop referring to these brain dead sub-humans as ‘British’. This pile of excrement is no more British than an alien would be ‘Earthish’!
    Drone the bastard now and stop bloody pussy footing about, Cameron, it’s obviously slathering for a crack at the virgins so help it on its way you dhimmi invertebrate.

    • Minicapt

      … raisins, not virgins …


  • Ed

    He was a low level grunt in some obscure grocery store. Now he’s front page news. If you’re a dead end loser and see what happened to this guy, what might you do too?

  • canminuteman

    Mmmmm, Jaffah Cakes. Anyone know where you can get Jaffah Cakes in Canada? I used to get them at Loblaw’s but I haven’t seen them in years.

    • Micky C.

      I have a box of them in my cupboard. I have a farmers market on Yonge St here in Thornhill that has a Scottish butcher & baker, and have all sorts of sweet treats…. Yorkie bars, Cadbury Flakes, Penguin, Rownetree Fruit Pastilles, and of course…. Jaffa cakes.

  • Marty

    May his wish be granted soon.

  • andycanuck

    I’d have thought he preferred fish-sticks.
    /south park

    • Micky C.

      That would make him a gay fish then, huh? Over the side and off the roof for him then.

  • Gary

    God willing?????

    Hell, I’ll blow his head off for free with 1 shot to assure he dies .