Brian Lilley – Here’s an easy way to spot a pro-niqab hypocrite: Mention the Hutterites

In 2003, citing security concerns, new government regulations were brought in regarding photo identification.

The move changed an existing law that did not require everyone to have photo ID.

A small religious minority group asked for an exemption, they claimed having their picture taken and the ID card created would violate their strongly held religious beliefs and be a violation of their Charter right to freedom of religion.

The government denied the request, so the religious minority group challenged the new rule in court. They won, then they won on appeal.

That didn’t matter to the government. They had what they believed were valid security reasons to impose this new rule, so they appealed to the Supreme Court and won.

The court said the new regulations did violate the religious freedom guarantee of the Charter — but that it was a minimal impairment of the right.