Aboriginal Groups Not Happy With Pope Francis’ Apologies

Well, I’m shocked:

In imploring U.S. lawmakers to show compassion to refugees, Pope Francis once again acknowledged the brutal treatment of the Indigenous peoples in the settlement of North America.

But the Catholic pontiff did not agree to a request from Canadian and American native leaders to meet during Francis’s first visit to the United States this week.

And he proceeded to canonize a Catholic missionary whose elevation to sainthood was strongly opposed by many First Nations.

The ever-aggrieved are never happy.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Native bitching and complaining is as predictable as muslim outrage. Really, they should get new scriptwriters. People are simply tuning out…..

    • mobuyus

      I believe they have stolen a page from the “palestinian” script.

      • Alain

        Or the other way around?

  • Mark

    People will take and continue to take as long as people continue to give. You start with apologies, then a cheque or two, then more land, then more cheques. Then the next generation wants another cheque because mom and dad squandered the original cheques. It never ends. Until we stop it.

    • Millie_Woods

      Notice the Vatican never writes a cheque?

  • ontario john

    Dear whiny indians, Fuck Off! Funny news at the National Post website though, apparently leftists shouldn’t smoke so much pot. Suzuki called Trudeau a twerp and Trudeau called the views of Suzuki crap.

  • Martin B

    The ever-aggrieved are only happy when they make a profit from their grievances. Just ask all the Chiefs making $200,000 a year tax-free & vacationing in Vegas while their band members freeze in the dark with no running water.

  • simus1

    The left intends to manipulate First Nations puppets and the courts until they will be in place to legally steal everything in Canada. Pope Evita is apparently much less ambitious in this regard.
    Anyway, it is somewhat amusing that the “Official Indians” spend their time ensuring that most Indian reserves continue to resemble any third world backwater even as billions of dollars pour through rent seeking fronts associated with the “in crowd”.

    • Millie_Woods

      Agreed. Except for the part about the courts, they’re not being manipulated, they’re fully complicit in every racist shakedown.

  • Millie_Woods

    Cardinals vs. the Braves. I don’t have a dog in this fight.

  • Jabberwokk

    I always found it funny that if this multiculturalism/white guilt thing succeeds how badly natives will lose. Do they think that, once the white man has gone extinct, been bred out, or is evicted from leadership there gravy train dies with it. Do you think ethnic Colombians, Filipinos, Chinese, and especially Arab/Muslim Majorities and authorities will give two craps about their issues? Um, No they won’t. So when they win they lose.

    • I believe you have won the Internet.

      The ethnic groups you mentioned will make their business not to care about aboriginals.

      If it is not this Pope/prime minister/president, it is the next who will have to suffer through some endless tripe meant to extort shame and money rather than resolve any socio-political wrong.

      If these grievance-mongers put that much energy into pipelines, what-have-you, their reservations would be livable places.