Veteran campaign watcher says Harper getting better by default

With a bevy of polls out this week, I sat down with veteran campaign watcher, Ray Heard, to discuss the significance of the latest trends.

  • ontario john

    And another NDP candidate bites the dust. Manitoba NDP candidate is dropped from the race after comparing a Jewish sect to the Taliban. To be fair, most NDP candidates don’t know what Jews are. And the opposition leaders in last night’s debate could be labelled as fantasy land leaders as they opposed pipelines, rail traffic, and oil production, in other words no more oil. And we should all drive electric cars and rely on green energy. Because as we all know, wind turbines have worked out so well in Ontario.

  • Brett_McS
    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      The Cons are doing well in their campaign now , they hired few smart advisors , Mike Duffy, Comrad Black , Pamela Wallen, El Maestro , Michael Sona and finally the one from Australia.

      • doowleb

        Ya right. Maybe Canada really isn’t ready to run off the socialist cliff just yet. The Conservatives are a big tent..warts and all.
        “Socialism’s goal is Communism.” – Lenin

      • Minicapt

        35% … 26% … 24% …


  • Solo712

    I thought that Mulcair was a shrewd politician. The niqab stand disabused me of that notion. Who in the right mind would stand with cultural idiots on the subject of niqab ? It won’t buy him any votes anywhere but anyone could tell him it will cost him dearly in Quebec, in the West and in rural Ontario, What an idiot !