Today in History: Mohammed leaves Mecca for Medina (622 AD)

Great historical events don’t always make for great headlines.

  • Gary

    The problem with all these claims by Muslims is that it is the quran that is the source . But the quran and muhammed can’t be traced back beyond 750 AD .

    Not one infidel society that muhammad was alleged to have invaded and brought islam and the quran to has any mention in their historical records to prove it.
    These tales of a prophet seem like some myth built upon a compilation of events and several people blended into one figure like the stories about Santa Claus .

    Just take a look at how quickly muslims made-up the story about Ahmed Muhammed the boy genius that invent a digital clock . 400 years from now there will be mosques telling muslims about this boy genius from allah that invented the Digital clock. Plus, Obama now has NASA inserting islam into its history and the history of the USA’s founders .
    If islam was built on lies, why would modern days muslims feel guilty repeating lies and telling new lies.

  • dagawker

    Wright State University in Ohio?

  • Reader

    Time for an unrelated musical interlude

  • Minicapt