Rob Ford Found to Have Been “Unnecessarily Reckless” In Accidental Bumping

Oh, please:

Rob Ford should be found in contravention of city council’s code of conduct for running into Coun. Pam McConnell during a raucous debate nearly two years ago, Toronto’s integrity commissioner says.

In a report issued earlier this week, Integrity Commissioner Valerie Jepson says that Ford “was acting in a manner that was unnecessarily reckless, lacking in decorum, and contrary to the Code of Conduct for Members of Council.”

Ford violated two articles of the code, Jepson says: one governing conduct at council and committee meetings, and one that covers discreditable conduct.

Ford’s decision to run through the council chamber that day was “reckless and it was unbecoming of the position he held at the time,” Jepson writes, adding that Ford agreed with that assessment when she met with him about the incident.

The report notes that Ford apologized to McConnell, and offered to make a donation to a charity or cause of McConnell’s choice “to further express regret for his actions.”

The report further recommends that council allow the integrity commissioner’s office to send the money to the city, to then be disbursed “in the manner proposed by Councillor McConnell.”

A video of the incident: