Hamilton School Board Stands By Alex Johnstone

Well, what a surprise that is:

My great-grandparents were killed there.

My grandparents’ parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews — all rounded up in Poland, shoved into cattle cars and delivered to the railway platform of Auschwitz. From there, they were eventually marched into the gas chambers as part of the Nazis’ Final Solution to rid Europe of its Jews, part of the 8,000-a-day murdered in their death factory.

Their escape blocked by armed guards and an electrified fence of barbed wire.

So may I offer a basic tip, whether you’re a politician, a school trustee or just a young social worker: Don’t joke about Auschwitz. And if caught, don’t make it worse by insisting that you didn’t mean anything by it because you’d never even heard of the infamous death camp.

Shame on Hamilton NDP candidate Alex Johnstone for doing all of the above. …

How can she be the kind of candidate the NDP wants to put forward? So far, Tom Mulcair has remained silent.

As for the Hamilton board, chair Todd White is actually standing by his vice-chair: “We expect our staff and students to have an understanding of the Holocaust and believe we should model this as trustees,” he acknowledged in a statement.

“In speaking to trustee Johnstone, she understands the importance of Holocaust awareness and has committed to taking an active role in promoting Holocaust education in HWDSB.”

So- which is worse: a stupid woman with no sense of history and self-awareness or people who not only stand by her but put her in a position of influence?