Going to Mecca has Killed 4,000 Muslims in 40 years

Making Haj may be one of the deadliest things for a Muslim to do.

  • There have been many cultural/religious/political events where people are simply not trampled to death. With the Hajj, it is a given.

    • Martin B

      Other cultural/religious/political events are not managed by the Soddy royal family, and don’t involve millions of hysterical Mohammedans.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    More hajj, please.

    • Raymond Cameron

      Yes! They should make it a year-long event instead of only a week.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Yup. More Mecca all-year-round!

  • Gary

    I remember another case where 700 people were crushed to death when they did their mandatory circle around the meteorite and Black cube.

    But I keep hearing how it’s allah will , so don’t expect any changes .

  • pike bishop

    Not making haj killed 3900+ in one day.

  • Xavier

    Just wait ’til I’m King. Pikers.

  • Barrington Minge

    Silence!!!…….I keel you!!

  • Dana Garcia

    That’s a lot of raisins.

  • mobuyus

    They died for nothing.

  • angrymike

    Well, its a start, and if you average it, its only 100 per year, come on, lets show some enthusiasm!!!!! It could be 40,000 if they “push” a bit more………. But seriously, why don’t we see the Jewish community, or Christian community trampling others on their way to church at Christmas ?? Because, we’re not savages that believe in a fake religion that advocates for beheading for nonbelievers………

    • Gary

      At the rate they are murdering each other I find it tough to buy the claims that islam went from 1.2 billion followers just about 9 years ago to the new claim of 2 billion according the Imam Ben Affleck.

      But If the 2,000,000,000 also has the claim by CAIR for being 99% peaceful , then I’d like to see the list of islamic Nations or Muslim societies with those 99% peaceful ( I don’t mean killers and riots alone, but Laws that respect human rights for women and gays) ones because I can’t find any.

      • angrymike

        Gary, have you seen what those savages have done to Germany and Hungry ?? They don’t understand civil society, they will wreck their surroundings just like they did in their countries of origin .. Send them all back to where they come from, call me racist all you want, but if these savages come to the US and demand all that we Americans have earned, and “Dear Asshole” will likely want to give it to them to, that’s when our guns will probably come into play .. Let them come to my neighborhood and demand equal housing and equal pay, as I struggle to pay for my house, there will be hell to pay !!!!
        I use gun oil with 12% pig grease, so they’ll never get their 72 virgans when I’m done… So sick of ppl coming here demanding everything me and my parents worked so hard for, it will just emboldened them to bomb out cities !!! Don’t let them in, and toss the ones already here !!
        The Koran isn’t a religion, its an ideology, a political ideology …….
        You do know that when Hitler was running out of white men in the SS, he drafted islamists to fight for them, they to have the same ideology……

  • Nice photo of Mohamed!