Gender issues speech balanced, informative

TORONTO – “When you look at the way feminists have responded to men’s issues it’s a pretty bad record,” said American journalist Cathy Young at a controversial event in Toronto Thursday night. A movement that was once about equality seems to have transformed in strange ways, its excesses amplified by the internet and campus theatrics.

It’s sad that I even need to describe Young’s talk, entitled “The Politics of Gender and Victimhood”, as “controversial”.

  • Mark

    Just because a couple crazy people are protesting, that doesn’t make the event controversial. More people protest the gay parade but I never hear that described as controversial by our media. Fury shouldn’t give in to the left’s language. There is nothing controversial about equal rights.

    • Millie_Woods

      Well said.

  • Millie_Woods

    Ask yourself which you’d rather live in, a country dominated by islam or one dominated by feminists. At least men can convert to Islam and gain a measure of equality.