Diefenbaker Home in Ontario to Be Made An Historic Site

but only if re-elected:

The home in which former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was born will be declared a national historic site, should the Conservative government get reelected, says Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“John Diefenbaker made an enormous contribution to Canada,” said Harper on Thursday, announcing the federal government would buy the home and have Parks Canada operate it, similar to the historical family homes of William Lyon Mackenzie in Kitchener, Ont., and Sir Wilfrid Laurier in Laurentides, Que.

“Our government will ensure his contributions to our country are remembered and understood by future generations.”

  • ontario john

    Well if we can spend millions on renovating and maintaining the home of that commie Bethune in Gravenhurst, I think we can find some money for Dief.

  • lolwut?

    Mulcair and Trudeau will demand it converted to a mosque

  • simus1

    “”An” Historic Site” is only correct if the scribe writing same verbally pronounces “Historic” with a silent “H”.
    There has been entirely too much of this undocumented sort of thing going around.
    Until this is clarified, I do reserve the right to mentally delete any untoward “an” but as a gesture of goodwill I shall compromise and while reading mentally pronounce such wobbly “an” articles for now with a silent “n”.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      You’ve hit upon one of my primary pet peeves.
      Another one is the lose/loose conundrum.

    • The H is silent.