Cultists engage in mass animal sacrifice to please bloodthirsty Idol

Muslims around the world gather to savagely sacrifice animals

  • David Murrell

    Where’s PETA?

    • MIA

    • Just my thought.

    • Hey. It’s just Islam.

      Get some blood on your hands. Put your ass in the air. And bang your head on the ground.

      Aint Islam great?

    • mobuyus

      I am right here a proud member of PETA(People eating tasty animals).

      • David Murrell

        Good one!

  • WiPFiSDiS

    Let us celebrate the mercy of allah by mercilessly and savagely murdering one of his creatures! It would seem that in addition to there being no humour or decency in islam, there is also no irony.

    • passerby1969

      I’m really not sure this is much different than a Thanksgiving turkey or the bones and shofar horn that are used in the Jewish Passover ritual. These animals all come from somewhere.

      • True in some respect. But the blood is so much more present and public in the Muslim rituals. This must have a psychological effect.

        Personally, I’m a veggie.

      • mobuyus

        I am pretty sure that the Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t skitter about blood soaked floors while a few maniacs laugh their heads of at the poor birds fate. The more innocent the slaughtered the greater glory for alah.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          It should be noted that it was the colonists from England who domesticated the turkey.

      • Minicapt

        You find them neatly packaged and wrapped in the freezers of the meat department of your favourite grocery store.


  • Barrington Minge

    Only these mooslim eidiots could see this as a sensible, meaningful idea.
    Bloodthirsty savages – no place in the civilised world.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    PETA may be silent, but Brigitte Bardot has made much noise about this, at least in the past.