Clock-Boy’s Sister Reveals School Suspension

Oh, dear. This sort of “joke” runs in the family. There goes the narrative:

The sister of the boy who brought a suspected hoax-bomb to his Texas high school said she was suspended from a school in a prior bomb scare. Her suspension occurred in 2009 while she was attending middle school in the same district.
Lesley Weaver, a spokeswoman for the district, said school officials can’t release any information about the 18-year-old sister’s episode because the Sudanese parents won’t sign the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, The school has already sent the form to the immigrant Sudanese parents, but they won’t sign it, she said.

  • It doesn’t only run in this family, but it runs in their whole people and religious community.

    • Martin B

      Rotten to the core.

  • occupant 9

    Robert Spencer debated the bombclockboy’s father. No REAL journalist would avoid this relevant bit of background info. Do watch. As always, Robert Spencer is masterful in his knowledge and is not susceptable to Muslim bafflegab.

  • pdxnag

    No need to invoke “suspected” here regarding the hoax-bomb. It was, it was. It was a hoax only in that it failed to include the explosive component, not that the little practicing jihadi meant it only as a joke or a dry run (or was infinitely ignorant).

    Lets not forget that the champions of Islam cannot bring themselves to oppose Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for his war crimes in Darfur. He got 94% of the vote in the last election. Evil was overwhelmingly favored. We can assume that Omar al-Bashir subjectively does not think evil is * * * well * * * evil, but that is inconsequential to assessing it as evil.

    We don’t need hoax-bomb boy to announce to the world that he wanted folks to believe that his hoax-bomb was a hoax-bomb.

    The adulation and financial reward can only go up if he intensifies or refines his hoax next time. Hip hip hurray to baby jihadi for his pro jihad behavior (even if accidental it is close enough from Pavlov’s perspective on such training).

  • Gary

    Look at how fast the Media and the Liberal White-Guilt had kicked in to blindly grab this boy and praise him to show the islamophobe that there are good muslims on Earth wanting to make it a better planet .

    Oh well, there goes their Poster Boy to prove racism and islamophobia , just like the CBC had Sheema Khan from CAIR and Jian as the Moderate
    Peaceful muslims that reject quranic misogyny and armed jihad terroism …… then in 2008 Khan’s CAIR was exposed by the FBI for funding hamas and now the CBC also had Jian exposed as a misogynistic racist that beat-up and assaulted White non-mulims women.