Vladimir Putin – Defender of The F–king Faith, Baby!


Mosque opening in Moscow dedicated by Putin, and attended by Abbas, Erdogan!

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has been joined by the Turkish and Palestinian leaders at the ceremonial opening of the Russian capital’s new main mosque.

An estimated 2 million Muslims now live in Moscow, which has seen an influx of people from the North Caucasus republics of southern Russia, Azerbaijan and the former Soviet states in Central Asia.

The new mosque — built on the site of a smaller, more than 100-year-old mosque destroyed in 2011 — can accommodate 10,000 worshippers, but it is still one of only six mosques in the city.

    • African

      This was a very poor choice for Putin. May be he was copying Obama and other Western leaders.

      • Minicapt

        Demonstrating competency and leadership as best he can.


  • eMan14

    I’d be very concerned if a mosque with a capacity of 10,000 opened up anywhere. Unless it was for the purpose of making it easier to keep an eye on your enemy.

  • Putin only proves he is an absolute fool.

    He is only setting the stage for the Russian Islamic civil war.

    • Alex

      Russia’s sitting on a demographic time bomb. I seem to remember reading that already roughly half of the Soviet, err, Russian, army consists of muslims. Putin may (with stress on that word) be able to keep them in line, but he WILL die eventually and if his successors shows any weakness ….