This’ll show those persecuted Mid-East Christians they’re in his thoughts… Pope calls on U.S. to fight climate change

Oh Brother.

Guess he didn’t want to offend Muslims or his host or whatever…

He did have time for an Illegal alien propaganda photo op however…

  • BillyHW

    This pope is a clown.

    • He is not the Pope we need.

    • The pope is a dope.

      Muslims are murdering Christians by the thousands, and this imbecile pope worries himself with a questionable theory on “global warming”.

      If he really wanted to do something about “global warming” he should become vegan and encourage all Christians to follow his example. Going vegan is the largest thing an individual can to to combat “global warming”.

      But, it looks to me as if he has been eating a lot more than plants.

      When I see all the “global warming” folks eating vegan, I will know they mean business. Until them they are a bunch of hypocritical greenie weenies.

  • Norman_In_New_York
  • Dana Garcia

    The pope is the #1 hypocrite (or fool) in the world. He claims to worry about human-made climate change, but he wants open borders so poor third-worlders can flood the first world and take advantage of the wealth therein.

    The global poor’s “better life” consists of more consumption of material goods — cars, big climate-controlled houses and such — which are said to contribute to global warming. Immigrants and illegal aliens don’t come for improved recycling opportunities.

    • Very good point – an inconsistency in his thinking. And by the way, isn’t he supposed to be especially concerned with the spiritual welfare of his flock? He seems to be a materialist.

      • Dana Garcia

        It’s an important environmental argument against mass immigration from the third world to the first world.

        The Sierra Club had a major dust-up over years on that issue, where I was involved as one of the reformers. The upshot: the Sierra Club went from supporting limits on immigration to open borders because it was bought off for $100 million.

  • David

    pope pontificates on capitalism

  • John

    Pope Francis is an Argentinian Bolshevik.

  • A Christian girl beheaded by Isis that the Pope kind of ignored.

  • terentiaj63

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