Pssst… Justin,Tommy… Message From Your Idol… Women’s veils a sign of backwardness, says Chinese Offical #elxn42

Women’s veils a sign of backwardness, says official in China’s Xinjiang

The custom of women wearing face veils is not a tradition of minority people in China’s western area of Xinjiang or in any Muslim country, but is a symbol of extremism and backwardness instead, a senior regional official said on Thursday.

Energy-rich Xinjiang, visited this week by British finance minister George Osborne on a rare trip by a Western official, is strategically located on the borders of Central Asia. China has great plans for the region in its new Silk Road strategy.

The government has stepped up curbs on religious clothing in the heavily Muslim area, where it blames Islamist separatists for violence that has killed hundreds of people over the past few years.

  • Alain

    The Chinese got it right along with France. Will the man-child listen to this, since he so admires the Chinese communist regime? I suspect not in this case.

    • I expect nothing from Justin

      • Maurixio Villa-Lobos

        He’s my hero.

        • David

          I’m not surprised.

    • lolwut?

      The one thing I like about Asians, they aren’t very apologetic when it comes to stuff like this.

      Reminds me of a few months ago I stopped into a popular Chinese food take out joint here in Vancouver’s Chinatown. A Somalian started raising shit he was getting served fast enough even though it’s a number system and he was at least 10 numbers back.

      A young chinese guy leaned into him and said “Look around you buddy, you keep talking and you’ll find out just how much we hate you, and the cops won’t get here fast enough to save you”

      For some strange reason he decided he wasn’t hungry anymore.

      • Alain

        You are right about that. They do not share the least bit of the white guilt virus and good for them. From what I have seen in the past that Somalian was lucky they didn’t just chase him out with a meat cleaver. I saw exactly that years ago when living in France with a Chinese cook being fed up with a couple of African Muslims.

        • lolwut?

          Koreans are extra crazy when you dare threaten their family or livelihood and they sure as hell don’t intend to be dragged back into days of being a third world backwater of rice farmers.

          Fuck with them and they’ll blow your ass away, happens a lot in the US. Media tends to shy away from reporting it because they are unapologetic about it, if you can’t guilt trip them, there is no story
          and god forbid white people learn from them.

        • Hktony

          The chinese will survive without europe and america. It will be europe and america who will not have iphones, clothes , steel, aluminium , plates and so on. Feel sorry for the west as it committs suicide by islam!!

      • Surele Surele

        No soup for you, bud!

  • Problem is that Communist governments as officially atheist States believe that ALL religion is backwards — including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc., and they proactively persecute religious believers.

    In the case of Justin and Tommy, I think they believe the same as the Chinese but they recognize that militant Islam can be used as an “enforcer” to destroy Christianity first — the largest religion in Canada — after which they will attempt to enforce fascist Socialist/Communist ideals on Muslims as well. They honestly believe in their infallible ability to socially engineer just about anyone or any group. I think these boys are in for a surprise.

    • As the leftists found out when the Shah was toppled.

      • And as the Soviets found out with Muslims, Christians, and Jews, many of whom went underground, hence subverting the purposes of the State. In the case of Russian Muslims — who were relatively peaceful — the post-Soviet regime employed provocateurs to stage a a couple terrorist attacks so they could blame Muslims. The result wasn’t easier repression of Muslims, rather the result was that relatively non-violent Muslims turned to Al Qaeda terrorism! I think the Chinese have attempted the same thing with the their own relatively non-violent Muslim minorities and can expect the same result.

        Communists and Socialists are same around the world — if there is no conflict then they will fabricate a conflict in order create a pretext for absolute control. Didn’t Hitler and his National Socialists in Germany do the same thing to create a pretext? Something about a “fire”?

  • ontario john

    Oh,Oh, Haroooooooon is going to be upset with the Chinese. Mind you, he will blame Harper, Jews and those damn Christians.