Pssst… Justin,Tommy… Message From Your Idol… Women’s veils a sign of backwardness, says Chinese Offical #elxn42

Women’s veils a sign of backwardness, says official in China’s Xinjiang

The custom of women wearing face veils is not a tradition of minority people in China’s western area of Xinjiang or in any Muslim country, but is a symbol of extremism and backwardness instead, a senior regional official said on Thursday.

Energy-rich Xinjiang, visited this week by British finance minister George Osborne on a rare trip by a Western official, is strategically located on the borders of Central Asia. China has great plans for the region in its new Silk Road strategy.

The government has stepped up curbs on religious clothing in the heavily Muslim area, where it blames Islamist separatists for violence that has killed hundreds of people over the past few years.