Mulcair appeals for tolerance of NDP’s surrender to supremacist cult’s dehumanizing dress code #elxn42

“…The election campaign in Quebec has turned nasty since the Federal Court of Appeal ruled last week a Toronto woman should be allowed to take the oath of citizenship wearing a niqab, and it is the NDP that is feeling the pinch the most.

After facing repeated questioning about his party’s support of a woman’s right to swear the oath of citizenship wearing the face-covering, NDP leader Tom Mulcair devoted an entire speech to the issue Wednesday, the eve of the first French-language leaders debate.”

  • jayme

    I understand why Tom and JT are doing this but what scares me is some callers that have been calling into Cpac and comments on Cbc your avg white joe seems to come just short of saying we should be a Islamic state.

    • CBC commenters, like the CBC itself, in no way reflect Canada.

      • jayme

        What I find odd is the left says we need to bring back Canadian values yet on the other hand claim we should allow the nijab.

        • The left are delusional, they have no concept of Canadian values as they hate the very foundation of Canada – our Western Heritage is the enemy to those twits.

          • ThomasB

            They’re also just plain stupid: they think to use islam to undermine and eventually smash western culture and society, in order to build it up again in the manner that they want. As if they will ever be able to control islam. These fools may be willing to lift there asses to allah five times a day, and stick all women in burkhas, but there ARE things that they are not going to like under sharia – like the loss of their precious sexual freedoms (no more gays, trannys, etc.) If they succeed in bringing Islam to full power, they WILL regret it (unfortunately, so will the rest of us.)

          • WalterBannon

            Their idea of Canadian values are Communist values…

        • Alain

          What they call Canadian values never have been Canadian values unless one believes that Canada only came into existence under Trudeau Sr.

      • Cheryl

        Funny when I comment on CBC a lot of my comments are deleted. I have to wonder why. I think it is because I am in favour of Harper. I commented on Khadr and my comment was deleted as well as when I commented on the NDP and Liberals. I thought my tax dollars pay for that inept station to run and yet they have the nerve to delete my comments, yet I keep commenting. What’s the saying, you can’t keep a good horse down? lol Take the burka down now!

        • lolwut?

          Keep commenting anyways even if you know they’ll be deleted.

          CBC outsources the moderation to a company, so the more you make them work the more likely the comments section
          will be left open out of laziness or exhaustion.

          Sites that remove comments sections take a huge revenue hit
          so it’s an option they will try to avoid.

          Keep hammering

    • lolwut?

      CBC comments are heavily moderated.

      There have been a few times that moderation was off for some reason
      and i can assure you, it’s not what you normally see there.

      To get a comment through and have it stay, you need to be sneaky with your choice of words.

      Posting knowing a comment will be deleted is good anyways, the more they have to work the more likely they’ll get overwhelmed or tired and the comments slip through or remain.

      Worked on /r/europe on Reddit, the Mods essentially gave up from exhaustion and the blowback from the heavy censorship. Even the liberals on there turned against them when their comments and posts got deleted by accident.

      Youtube censorship is down because the massive flood of comments and videos on the migration and black lives matter subjects.

      They even admitted to being unable to police it because there’s just too much of it.

      The CBC comments section also has a lot of posts about their censorship
      so that is a good thing, they more they censor, the more people get pissed off, they dig their own grave.

      Removing the comments section on news sites causes a huge drop in readership, there was a recent story about that. So they have a choice
      keep the comments up and get traffic, or remove them and take a revenue hit.

  • John

    Mulcair’s shine is coming off in Québec in favor of Harper. The fact Mulcair supports the wearing of a niqab during the citizenship oath has cost him. Some idiot pundit this morning described Harper’s rise in the polls as “surfing on bigotry”.

    Surf away!

  • Lol, BCF – another very funny picture!

  • Icebow

    OMG, Jimmy Savile’s alive and posing as a muzz woman!

  • Clink9

    Great photo. Covers up his brown lips from all the ass kissing of his favorite pets.

  • chuck_2012

    Mulcair has stepped on a political landmine. Good luck in the upcoming election! haha!

    • lolwut?

      He’s still very much a threat.

      Woman see him as a fatherly figure and approachable
      that factor alone will secure their vote.

      Cuteness and reminders of their daddy trump logic.

      Harper needs to remove the stick from his ass and be more appealing as a person
      if he hopes to win the female vote. He’s improved over the years but he’s still
      got a creepiness to him and his smiles look more like sneers most of the time.

      Pretty sure he’s got a mild form of Asperger’s.

  • disqusW6sf

    Mulchair looks even further away from reality in that niqab…he looks INSANE! Great photo. ROFL