Good home needed for Toronto Pip-alike!

Waffle is leaving Toronto! She promises she’ll continue to comment at Blazing Cat Fur. Meanwhile, her kitty needs a new home. He’s male, about 8, very affectionate. If you’re able to help or know someone who might be, leave a comment here or contact BCF at

  • Justin St.Denis

    Should only Toronto residents step up to the plate? Is the cat refusing to leave the city? Why wouldn’t Waffle simply take the cat along to the new place? Is this a “no pets allowed” rental policy issue? Wondering…

  • Brett_McS

    I ended up with two dogs this way. Fortunately neither are bigger than the cats, and apart from Bella (my avatar), who gets agitated when a cat is near her food (and all food is her food), they get on quite well.

  • Xavier

    I know a woman who runs a FB service to find homes for shelter animals so they won’t be euthanized. Perhaps you could use a similar service for Kitteh. Alas we rescued three and the house is full of joy and cat hair – both of which I am allergic to – so we cannot take in another.

    • Waffle

      Thanks for your kind thoughts. I simply could not put him in a shelter — I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. Here’s the back story: I have had him since he was about 2 and was “gifted” from my local vet’s. He had ended up there due to illness. He was brought to the vet’s by the pet store owner who had him. He was in pretty rough shape when he came in. One of the vet assistants took an immediate liking and protective role to the little guy and refused to let him back to the pet store when he was ready to go, so he lived at the vet’s for about 1 and a half years. However, he had a few behavioral problems and began to act out in unacceptable ways. There was actually talk of throwing him out on his ear!! So I took him in and have done a lot of work with him. The v.a. thinks he may have been a kitty mill puss. Nobody knows. However, today he is very sweet and loving. He likes to cuddle. He loves to sleep with his human, but he is still shy and fearful of strangers. When I have company, he hides himself until my visitor has gone.

      Why can’t I take him with me? First of all, I don’t think he’d do well on the flight He would probably freak out. Secondly, my health is not good and I don’t know if I would be able to give him the care he would require during the en-transit stops. Thirdly, on reviewing the affordable places in the areas that have been recommended , most of them have a “no pets allowed” policy. So that’s why I’m looking for a good home. He is about 8 years old,

  • Jim

    Contact Toronto Cat Rescue. They take in lots of cats and aren’t a ‘shelter’.

    • Waffle

      Thanx. I’ve heard of them and will check them out. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think he’ll probably do best with his own human.