Why do liberals love Islam?

I increasingly think the Democrat/Muslim union has to do with old-fashioned relativism. Democrats don’t actually believe that women’s rights and gay rights apply to everyone; white people: sure. Arabs? Well, who am I to judge? And Muslims know this.

When Robby George is just dumbfounded as to why all these Muslims support the party of abortion on demand and gay marriage, the answer seems pretty clear to me: They’re supporting the party of abortion on demand and gay marriage for infidels. In Dearborn, it doesn’t matter one whit what Tony Kennedy says about the Sweet Mystery of Life. Ms. DeBoer has the right to get married to another woman; but if Fatimah thinks she does, too, then her cousin Ahmed will disabuse her of that idea very quickly.

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  • Dana Garcia

    To both groups, power is everything. Islam has the koran, Dems have Alinsky. Both are terror manuals. They have a lot in common.

    • DemocracyRules

      Don’t forget the “Communist Manifesto”. It’s their bible. Alinsky just elaborates a bit on the basic Marx/Engels dogma.

  • DemocracyRules

    The Islamist/Leftist alliance has been going on for decades. The Soviets started it in the 1960’s. This is well-documented. It was a way to limit US influence in the Middle East. The Soviets portrayed Israel as an American puppet state.

    The KGB taught Muslim terrorists how to hijack airliners.

    Muslim countries were, “the victims of the running-dog capitalist bourgeoisie, who were sucking dry the resources of the third world, and re-selling them at outrageous prices.” Iran was an economic victim of Western oil barons, and terrorists were freedom fighters.

    After the USSR collapsed, the Left has relied more and more on Islamists as shock troops in their ceaseless ‘resistance’ campaign against capitalism.

  • unalien

    Both are Fascism.. the “elite” fund the “New Left” as a proxy army to destroy Capitalism, individual liberty and freedom.. Islam is complete submission to the State as there is no distinction between State and Religion. For the “New Left” the State is the Religion.. both have the same goal,, FASCISM, complete submission to the State which is controlled by a small group of “elites”..

    Liberalism isn’t Liberal, it is il-liberal, it demands conformity of thought, an ideological fascism, just like Islam where all aspects of life are dictated and controlled by the State.

    Rockefellers funded, the Nazis and Saul Alinsky, global warming, Eugenics, etc..

    The “no growth/zero growth” movement isn’t Leftist, it is Fascist.

    Socialism is the sales pitch, Marxism is the strategy and Fascism is the goal..

    • DemocracyRules

      More precisely, fascism is just a variant of communism. Hitler said in Mein Kampf that he was a Marxist. Stalin and Hitler were good buddies until Germany invaded Russia. Then Stalin declared that the Nazis were far right extremists, and the managed media swallowed that lie whole.

      Conservatives want liberty, and they fear that big government will take their liberties. The extreme right are Libertarians, who want even more liberty, and even smaller government.

      Fascists/communists want big government, and they crush liberty.

      • ismiselemeas

        The two countries had a “pact”. I wouldn’t call that being “buddies”.

        • DemocracyRules

          Please dig deeper. The Mises institute has good detail about the economic comparisons. The two systems are very close. Mussolini started out as a communist.

          Both the USSR and the Nazis did these things: seized property, controlled big business, had cradle-to-grave welfare, were hyper-militarized, had huge secret police organizations, had death camps, practiced income levelling, crushed liberty, hated democracies, used propaganda for everything, invaded their neighbours, and committed genocide against Jews and others.

          That’s the short list. When a conservative demands small government, how could that possibly produce fascism? Full state control of everything with a ‘nightwatchman’ government? Genocide with no one to carry it out?

      • WalterBannon

        exactly right

      • unalien


        True, the current ideological il-liberal left “useful idiots” don’t realize that their utopian world IS Fascism,,, extortion, control and rule by the few..

        They are encouraging their own enslavement,,,

    • unalien


      True, the current ideological il-liberal left “useful idiots” don’t realize that their utopian world IS Fascism,,, extortion, control and rule by the few..

      They are encouraging their own enslavement,,

    • Waffle

      All using the language of “Newspeak” as so aptly illustrated by Orwell. Our Ontario premier has been especially adept in changing the “conversation”.

      • unalien

        yes, control the language, control the context, control the thought process, control perceived “reality”

        • Waffle

          What disturbs me the most — as a professional corporate communicator — is not only how definitions have been twisted but how language and communications have been taken over by machines, Smartphones being a prime example — they “helpfully” come up with a word when you’re trying to send a message (and often change your own words). And isn’t it “helpful” when Google Search comes up with “I’m feeling lucky” suggestion? I think it’s creepy and subversive. As if all this weren’t enough, they’re talking about dropping the teaching of cursive writing completely.

          Believe it or not, thought processes are completely different when one writes in cursive and when types on a keyboard. A further nail in the coffin of individual thought and critical thinking.

  • mauser 98

    white guilt

    • Xavier

      Feminists are, after all, liberal. They cannot logic.

      • DemocracyRules

        The Left hates logic, science, and free enquiry. Dogma can’t handle new facts and evidence, because they seldom fit the dogma.

        For example, massive economic evidence shows that world poverty percentages are dropping rapidly, world GDP is increasing, and even poor countries have an increasing life expectancy. Capitalist, free enterprise democracies grow the fastest, even in Africa.

        The Left just ignores the evidence.

  • Leftist rhetoric sounds great and delivers shit.

    But when the shit arrives the leftists blame it on conservatives.

    Look at North and South Korea. What works? What doesn’t?

    Try to get a liberal to admit it. Good luck.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I call it The Smithsonian Effect. I have a subscription to Smithsonian Magazine and while it’s occasionally interesting what comes off the page is that rich white liberal aesthetic of being charmed by anything that’s far away, exotic, has weird hats and weirder sex rituals. The Smithsonian Effect means that pundits and liberals see the world as a zoo. They’re the visitors to the zoo and everyone else is a zoo animal. I’ve said for years that if Israel wasn’t close enough for liberals to vacation in they wouldn’t care. But it is, the weather’s nice, it’s on the Mediterranean. Just like the British pensioners who illegally own homes in “Turkish” Cyprus stolen by the Turkish army, and resold to them w/o title it’s all very very exotic. It’s all very Paul Bowles, very Sheltering Sky.

    If Israel were two hours further away by plane from Europe and in a colder wetter climate no one would care.

    • DemocracyRules

      Little Machine:
      Excellent points. National Geographic is similar. To promote leftism, they routinely ignore facts, and talk about environmental catastrophe through capitalist-caused killer-bees, honey bee deaths, the returning ice age, arctic ice loss, deforestation, excessive plant growth, overpopulation, depopulation, too many hyenas, not enough lions, starvation, obesity, etc., all caused by capitalism.

      There is also the implicit racism about other cultures. They claim to like “Blacks”, “Hispanics”, “Afghanis”, the “Yamo-Mamo”, etc. but they would never live among them, or adopt their ways. They think they would die if they ate a shawarma.

      The Yamo-Mamo are a remote Indian tribe near the Amazon, and the local government set aside a ‘sanctuary’ for them, so they can live ‘in nature’, like a zoo. Living in nature means living on about $1 per day, having a life expectancy of about 37, an IQ of about 80, no medical care, no schooling, no literacy, and no future prospects for improvement. National Geographic thought that was great.

  • canminuteman

    You guys are all way over analyzing this. I think that the inconsistencies in the dogma of leftists comes down to the fact that they just don’t think about it. In general, they are not that bright. If they were, they wouldn’t be leftists. Facts that don’t fit their world view are just ignored.

    • DemocracyRules

      I agree. Actually there are many very intelligent leftists.

      But your basic assertion seems true. Most leftists received their ideas from others, and never actually dug down to find out where they came from. It has produced an un-rooted remnant dogma like this: Big government = good, ** forced income levelling = good, ** seeing victims of capitalism everywhere = good, ** using environmentalism to shut down capitalism = good, **Islam=good, ** Christian/Jewish religions= bad, ** business = bad, ** free thinking = bad, ** free speech = bad, etc., etc.

      But they have no idea that all these concepts come directly or indirectly from the Communist Manifesto.

      Although Marx said nothing about Islam, he viciously hated Jews, and proposed a Holocaust to rid the world of them. He hated Christians, too. But he saw the third world as the exploited victims of the rapacious capitalist bourgeoisie, who stole resources at fire-sale prices and kept the poor people impoverished and enslaved. Thus he thought all Islamic countries were economic victims that needed liberation.

    • unalien

      The modern Left is a brainwashed cult, there I said it,, it isn’t really about intelligence.. Many are very intelligent..

      Their ability for independent critical thought has been subverted in favour of a collective ideology controlled by the cultural apparatus co-opted by the “elites”.

      It is an easy process, basic brainwashing techniques.. reason is predicated on contextual discretion of information,, Discretion is demonized as inherently biased and evil, the very process of thought. When information is presented in a distorted context and discretion is replaced with moral relativism then it follows that reason (perceived reality) becomes distorted.. Individuals are unable to discern “reality” themselves, they are then susceptible to the reality created for them by others..

      So, modern “liberals” often run into conflicts when reality contradicts ideology,,, they usually favour ideology and twist the context to fit that ideology as it the internal cognitive conflict can cause extreme distress,, to alleviate that distress they re-contextualize their “reality”..

      I have seen it many time when a Liberal is faced with contradictions between their ideology and reality they get completely unhinged..

  • Observer

    As Liberal Jerry Boyle always said, “If you can mark an X you are my kind of people!”