Mohamed Fahmy, Alleged “Canadian”, pardoned by Egyptian president

Good, I was sick of hearing about this passport of convenience.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    That’s perfect for Harper now he will have the right hand on his campaign to get all the Muslims votes in favor of the Cons , he will raise the number from 10,000 to 20,000 .

  • ntt1

    This fraudulent Canadian ,the first of ,hopefully many,journalists to be convicted of spreading false news,is set to take a sinecure at UBC as. Lecturer,another example of academia protecting and venerating failed ideas and ideology and force feeding the Marxist mush to unwary students

  • Ron MacDonald

    What are the odds Trudeau will claim credit for his pardon?

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      I think the Cons convinced that president to forgave him , it’s in the middle of the election , the current government is making miracles now .

      • Clausewitz

        No, they’re just doing their job through the diplomatic corp, which funny enough are a bunch of Liberal leftists, just like my Nephew stationed in Seoul South Korea,

  • ontario john

    Oh good, now the media can help the Canadian Christian in Communist China. Oh yeah, he is a Christian. Well maybe the Pope will take up his cause. No that won’t work, he is too busy with global warming and kissing up to commies.

  • pettifog

    “Good, I was sick of hearing about this passport of convenience.”

    I’m afraid the opposite and that now that we are going to hear about nothing but this guy from the usual leftie media outlets, how Harper didn’t do enough for him, how Harper should have dropped everything to intervene, etc. I suppose he’ll bring the obligatory lawsuit against the Canadian government, and Mulcair and Trudeau will demand that we throw $10,000,000 or so at him.

  • DMB

    A little bit of fresh air coming out of Egypt.

    • Solo712

      Great video !

  • Cheryl

    Yet we keep letting these people into this country so they can be Canadians of convenience. There is no doubt the idiotic government will pay him millions. Now who are the stupid ones him or us? My vote is for us. You have to wonder if we are a democratic society why are we not allowed to say who enters this country? Canada is going downhill really, really fast and the Old Canadian Stock Canadians are not doing a damn thing about it, so think about it, we deserve to lose are freedoms and rights that are ancestors fought and died for. We should really be ashamed of ourselves.