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An Indian man suffered a gruesome death when he was buried alive by molten tar after drunkenly falling into a manhole.

Latori Lal, 45, had fallen into the hole while returning to his home in Katni in Madhya Pradesh state, on Friday night.

When road workers arrived the following morning, they failed to notice Mr Lal, and filled the hole with tar a before using a heavy roller to flatten the surface.

Police in the central Indian state said Mr Lal and his wife had visited a village fair, but returned home separately after having a fight.

When Mrs Lal returned around 9pm on Friday night, she found the house locked and no sign of her husband and rallied villagers to begin a search for him.

Locals later spotted Mr Lal’s shirt (and other reports say hand) and he was pulled out of the newly laid road dead on Monday, police said. ‘His body has been sent for post mortem and further investigation is in process,’ sub-inspector N.P. Chaudhary told Reuters TV.

A driver and a road worker have been arrested, The Times of India reports.