Conservative candidate Joe Daniel speaks clearly on refugee crisis – Star ignores reality #elxn42

The Star lives on white liberal guilt…

Conservative candidate claims Muslim ‘agenda’ in refugee crisis: Tim Harper

On the same weekend Conservatives expedited a refugee processing system in a nod to what they called “Canadian generosity,” one of their candidates seeking re-election was telling voters about an “agenda” to move Muslims into European countries.

And that is something Joe Daniel doesn’t want to see in Canada.

In a video obtained by the Star, Daniel offered this warning to voters in Don Valley North: “So I think there is a different agenda going on in terms of these refugees.

“Whereas at the same time Saudi Arabia is putting up money for 200 mosques in Germany I think the agenda is to move as many Muslims into some of these European countries to change these countries in a major way.

“That is something that I certainly don’t want to see happening in Canada. I think Canada is the greatest country in the world.”

One GTA Liberal candidate who has seen the video called it an “outrageous . . . conspiracy theory to promote fear and hatred.’’


Is there an agenda as referred to by Daniel?

Let’s look at some facts the Star has chosen to ignore in this column.

Saudi Arabia like the other wealthy Arab Gulf states refuse to accept “Syrian” refugees. Terrorism being cited as one reason to deny their own kind.

Saudi Arabia is perhaps the largest exporter of terrorism, spreading its radical Wahhabi ideology world wide.

Financing mosques has long been a favourite means used by the Saudis to spread the Wahhabi terrorist message.

Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have been accused of funding ISIS. It is well known that the Gulf states have financed the alleged Syrian “rebels”.

ISIS pledged to swamp Europe with illegal aliens and to send jihadists over with them.

ISIS finances its operations through “refugee” smuggling into Europe.

The gulf states are exporting the mid-east’s refugees, here’s a Kuwaiti spokesman on the matter:

“Kuwait and the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries are too valuable to accept any refugees. … It’s too costly to relocate them here. Kuwait is too expensive for them anyway, as opposed to Lebanon and Turkey, which are cheap. They are better suited for the Syrian refugees. … it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us. We don’t want people that suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country.”Kuwaiti official, Fahad al-Shalami.

Those facts certainly speak to an agenda.

Joe Daniel spoke common sense.

The Star spewed knee-jerk white-liberal guilt, unsupported by facts, in their effort to smear him.