City of Mississauga Hosts Muslim Group Calling for Compulsory Jihad and Support of the Caliphate

The City of Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre hosted the 2015 annual conference of an extremist group that calls upon Muslims not to vote, advocates the execution of anyone who leaves Islam and supports a global caliphate. The group also says that jihad is a duty and it should be commenced even if the enemy does not attack. The speaker, who calls all Canadian soldiers war criminals, has told Canadian Muslims it is Haram (forbidden) to vote in elections because Muslims can only vote for leaders who support Sharia Law. An audio tape recorded at the meeting reveals the extremist content of the presentation.


Hizb ut Tahrir publicly debuted in Canada in 2009. Their first event at a venue in Mississauga was cancelled after a public outcry.

These are the hard core bent on our destruction and they have grown both bolder and more active during the past year in Canada.

I have no answer for dealing with them other than to halt Muslim immigration so as to mitigate the damage already done.

Here’s a sample of Hizb ut Tahrir beliefs.

Information Office of the Hizb ut-Tahrir