Catholic chaplain shows her flagrant hypocrisy by running for Trudeau’s ‘pro-choice’ Liberals #elxn42

September 23, 2015 (UnmaskingChoice) — Recently, I learned that the Liberal candidate for my federal riding is the chaplain at a local Catholic high school. This in itself wouldn’t be a problem, except for the minor detail that Federal Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau has stated that all Liberal MPs are expected to vote pro-choice and that the party is officially pro-choice, since they chose a “resolutely pro-choice leader.” The candidate, Filomena Tassi, publicly stated that while she considers herself to be pro-life, she would vote as a Liberal MP according to how the party expects her to, that is, in favour of maintaining the status quo in Canada, which allows the killing of pre-born children to occur any time before birth, for any reason.