The next addition to Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum…

The normalization of pedophilia continues apace, it’s now a “sexual orientation”.


If you imagine that the left couldn’t possibly have the normalization of pedophilia on their agenda you’d be wrong, very wrong:

The Sexual Revolution and Children: How the Left Took Things Too Far

But wait there’s more, because the left won’t quit… How did the pro-paedophile group PIE exist openly for 10 years?

  • moraywatson

    We used to have things called “Taboos”. Where did they go?

    • Kathleen Wynne declared them normal.

      • Exile1981

        after indulging in them to make sure they were “ok”

      • JoKeR

        And who would know normal better than her?

    • Bernie

      Muslims will create new rules and Taboos. Girls will be sex toys for men of all ages as will young Boys. Girls will get “married ” after the age of 9, get divorced as soon as the Man has had his jollies so that he can go after the next “candidate”. Young Boys will satisfy those that can’t get their Girls. This is what we will have to look forward to when leftists currently supporting the Muslims start imposing their belief system on us.

  • Doug Kursk

    The normalization of sexual ‘taboos’ was always on the table for adherents to the Frankfurt school of political thought. This is NOT a case of taking it “too far” or by happenstance.

    It’s moving the goalpost to further weaken western society, so as to facilitate the introduction of International Socialism/Communism.

    One only has to read the accounts of so called ‘Red Babies’ to see just how depraved their Communist parents were, forcing them to participate in orgies, gay sex and other assorted sexual acts at a very early age.

    • They are a sick bunch.

    • Alain

      You just exposed the root of the problem. Thanks.

    • Clinton

      Five days ago here on BCF there was a story on how the BC
      Supreme Court ruled that an eight-year-old child cannot be left
      at home unsupervised for two hours, no matter how mature and
      capable his mother might believe him to be.

      So, according to one branch of Canadian government, an
      eight-year-old isn’t mature enough to be left unsupervised at
      home for two hours. Yet another branch of the government is
      saying that that same child would be mature enough to
      consent to sex with an adult?

      It’s almost as if the government’s aim isn’t about the safety of
      children, but about undermining parents, and therefore, the family…

  • Societies rot from the head down.

  • TerryA

    Not hard to see why the left and the savages are such good buddies.

  • David Murrell

    Where it start. In the early 1990s the Globe and Mail published on article (by a child-sex-pimp) defending his actions (he also hosted a CBC Radio “Ideas” program defending himself). Later the Globe ran an op-ed essay defending sex with boy children. And a G&M graphical artist wrote another essay defending his graphical cartoon that showed child sex in a positive way (which accompanied the first op-ed). This was around the time the internet was blossoming. I wanted to investigate this issue, but naturally I did not do so, given the dangers of trolling the internet. I take it there’s lots of child pornography and sex sites on line to this day. The point here is that conservative investigators — those that exist — rightly do not want to investigate the issue, given the dangers involved.

    Second, the American Psychiatric Association — at least up to a while ago — had pushed for some sort of legalization pedophilia, There is a media literature on this, but I haven’t followed it. But there was considerable push-back against the APA. But there should be some serious conservative investigation into Kathleen Wynne and the sex education on this — tying what is in fact true, as to the new sex ed — to the “education-psychiatric literature” as to child sex. I suspect there is a lot of academic literature, but it is up to conservatives to do the spade work on this.

    Finally, we should be alert as to Islamic teachings as to men having the right to have at prepubescent girls. One should be aware of the Islamic-gay pro-pedophile link, as to any lobbying in the future. I say this, in particular, as to future court decisions.

    Finally, partly of topic, I am starting informal research onto polygamy, by firing off access-to-information requests to various federal departments. So far I have discovered that there is an academic literature supporting polygamy, some of it federally funded. Again, there is an Islamic-feminist link here at work.

    • Within 10 years it will be formally on the public agenda that is my dire prediction.

    • Exile1981

      The APA lost all credibility when they rigged the balloting to decide to remove homosexuality and transgenderism as mental deviencies.

  • Gettingby

    Since it’s own up time…
    I have this overwhelming urge to smash in the faces of many of the leftists I’m forced to listen to and interact with in my life. I was born with the desire to protect women, children, and the weak from those that would do them harm, I know the law says I can’t but couldn’t the law be wrong? I haven’t acted on it (lately) but repressing my natural urges sometimes makes my life hell.

    • glasnost

      I understand your affliction. Stay strong.

    • David Murrell

      I understand your feelings. One thing I am doing is fighting a guerrilla war against the dominant left-wing machine. Talk to kindred friends, and think about fighting the dominant machine. This is one way of feeling better.

  • This evil was a long time coming. Once one destroys values/morals, then one destroys the family, the primary and most important unit humanity has. Without any of these things, pushing this kind of filth becomes easier and then expected.

    Hell in a hand basket, as they say.