Obama Unilaterally Rewrites Immigration Law — Again

Last week Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley hit back against Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after the agency pushed through, during a congressional recess, a major immigration item that has long been on the technology lobby’s wish list. According to a new “policy memorandum,” Obama’s immigration authorities will now be redefining the term “specialized knowledge” as it applies to the L-1B visa, a program previously aimed at bringing over highly sought-after “intracompany transferees” from American firms’ affiliated companies abroad.


In Canada this scam is called the Temporary Foreign Worker’s program.

After the public outcry the government was forced to make changes to the TFW program.

However the “changes” applied primarily to unskilled workers, the smallest segment of the TFW program.

In Canada the import of “skilled workers” under the TFW program continues with even less scrutiny.

It is a scam to depress wages, make no mistake.

Immigration both here and in the US has been outsourced to corporate interests.

The TFW program and Mass immigration are integral components of our Ponzi scheme economy.

h/t BHW